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Leading IT Companies Located in Saudi Arabia

Leading IT Companies Located in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia, alongside the world, is becoming increasingly digitalized. However, beyond this, Saudi Arabia has placed considerable focus on digitalization. This is well demonstrated in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initiative. This contains plans to direct considerable investment to digital transformation.

Given this favourable political climate, it is not surprising that many IT companies are emerging in KSA. Thus, this article will consider some of the leading IT companies currently in KSA.


Luxoft is a DXC Technology Company specializing in digital strategy and software engineering. Luxoft also provides bespoke technology solutions. These solutions are directed at facilitating business transformation. Notably, Luxoft provides technology solutions relating to customer service and operational efficiency. In addition, the company also offers strategy and engineering services to businesses.

Luxoft’s solutions enable the transformation of businesses in various sectors. Such sectors include automotive, life sciences, financial services, and media.


Nybl develops an AI ecosystem that allows businesses to leverage AI solutions. Users can deploy these solutions in diverse industries through nybl’s platform and applications. Nybl’s solution enables anyone to build effective AI-based solutions. That is, it does not require advanced coding or data science expertise.

IBM Middle East & Pakistan

IBM has been a major player in developing the IT landscape in the ME region. The company has taken up initiatives across various areas. These areas include cloud computing, analytics, security, nanotechnology, and healthcare. The company also collaborates with governments and educational institutions. In addition, IBM contributes significantly to several research and development programs.


Oracle is a leading global IT company currently located in Saudi Arabia. Oracle has an array of solutions that empower businesses. The company provides applications, databases, storage, servers, and cloud technologies. Oracle also facilitates business flexibility by offering various products. Such products include software, systems, and cloud deployment models.


SEDCO specializes in enabling digital business transformation through various technology solutions. SEDCO leverages its global network to help businesses transition to a smart digital model. The company has provided solutions to businesses across various sectors. These sectors include financial services, healthcare, and utilities. These solutions are tailored to improve customer experience and reduce operational costs.

Easy World Automation

Easy World Group Companies is also known as eWorld. The company is a leading solution provider of data communication. eWorld also provides industrial automation and telecommunication products in the EMEA region. In addition, the company is also a Value-Added distributor.

Arabic Company Systems (ACS)

Arabic Computer Systems Limited is a renowned Saudi Arabian Information Technology company. ACS is also associated with the National Technology Group (NTG) of Companies. The company offers an array of cross-industry products, applications, and services.

Obrela Security Industries

Obrela specializes in helping businesses manage their cyber exposure. The firm assesses and manages cyber risks for businesses to remain compliant. Obrela protects businesses by identifying, analyzing, predicting, and preventing cyber threats. The company does this by leveraging security analytics and advanced risk management technologies.

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