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List of Richest Men in Saudi 2022

richest men in Saudi

richest men in Saudi

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Except for Majid Al Futtaim, who died in December 2021, the Middle East’s list of the wealthiest Arabs in 2022 closely mirrors that of 2021. According to Forbes magazine, the list of the world’s wealthiest individuals in 2022 was impacted by the pandemic, the crash of the world stock markets, and Russian military activities in Ukraine. The magazine released its ranking of the world’s wealthiest individuals, and once again, Saudi billionaires were absent from the list. However, other sources have unveiled their list of the richest men in Saudi 2022.

In Saudi Arabia, there are many people who are very affluent and wealthy, but who are the wealthiest men? In this article, we have listed the richest men in Saudi 2022 and their net worth.

Top 5 richest men in Saudi 2022

  1. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal -$18.7 billion: The famous prince is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who owns various valuable assets. Prince Alwaleedis a royal family member who owns 95 percent of the shares in the kingdom’s holding. He has achieved his net worth due to his shares in social media companies, real estate, luxury hotels and several organizations in the US, Europe and the middle east.
  2. Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi -$12 billion: He built up his fortune by operating oil refineries (Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB), investing in real estate, building projects, and other businesses. In 1974, he started his commercial activities, and with the money he raised, he built an empire with oil and mining assets in Sweden, Ethiopia, and Morocco.
  3. Mohammed Bin Issa Al Jaber -$9 billion: He is a businessman and author who owns several hotels in Egypt and Europe through JJW Hotels & Resorts Limited, a global private corporation. He owns the MBI Al Jaber Foundation, renowned for promoting educational advancement and cross-cultural exchange.
  4. Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer-$6 billion: He is King Abdulaziz’s (12th) son and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, who ruled from 2005 until 2011. He established Masstock Saudia, a cooperative agricultural venture with an Irish organization, and Almarai, the world’s most prominent vertically integrated dairy firm, in 1977. Prince Sultan stepped down from his position as Almarai Company’s board chairman in March 2020, and his son Nayef bin Sultan Al Kabeer assumed the post in his place.
  5. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa -$3.3 billion: he is a Saudi Arabian billionaire who is considered a key figure in the fight against extremist ideology. He is the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, former Saudi Minister of Justice, President of the International Islamic Halal Organization, politician and a significant stock market investor. He has shares in Riyad Bank and Savola Group, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading food businesses.


Billionaires greatly impact politics, business, and philanthropy globally. It is important to note that the net worth of the richest men in Saudi and other billionaires’ is susceptible to changes in market values since so much of their money is invested in publicly traded equities.

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