June 24, 2024

Saudi Princess Publishes her NFT Collection for Sale

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The Saudi Princess, Reem Al Faisal, known for her passion in photography, recently released her very first NFT collection called “Mekkah and Madinah” to the public. The collection was launched on the OpenSea Platform as well as in a gallery in the metaverse.

The princess’s photography collection promotes the Al Kaaba (small Shrine) of Saudi Arabia, along with six other artists featured at the gallery.

Her highness Reem Al Faiser also posted on her Instagram account talking about her NFT collection and her love for photography.

“Today we made history by the first exhibition of Saudi NFTs in the Metaverse. I have been photographing all my life, since I was a child, and therefore I don’t consider it a career as much as part of me. It is as natural to me as talking or breathing,” said the princess on her Instagram post.

The Princess goes on to explained how photography is her expression of faith and her way of portraying the relationship shared between a human and the superior being.

reference link – https://news.bitcoin.com/saudi-princess-reem-al-faisal-launches-first-saudi-nft-collection/

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