June 24, 2024

More than 12 Million E-Services Accessed through Saudi Ministry’s Absher Platform in H1 2023

_Absher Platform (1)

_Absher Platform (1)

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During the first half of 2023, the “Absher” electronic platform, operated by the Ministry of Interior, handled over 12 million electronic activities while providing citizens, residents, and tourists with a wide range of 350 e-services.

The Absher Platform’s Impactful E-Service Performance in H1 2023

The Ministerial Agency of Civil Affairs used the platform to offer internet services, such as issuing 49,728 family records and renewing 216,560 national IDs.

The platform also checked the validity of 158,560 national IDs and identified 46,397 families. In addition, around 81,965 people used its Byanati service.

Replacements for damaged and missing national identification cards totaled 46,663 and 164,997, respectively.

In terms of the services offered by the General Directorate of Passports, 3,524,191 residency passes and 631,624 e-passports were given out or renewed. There were a total of 268,407 visa extensions and 2,277,054 exit/re-entry visas issued.

There were 54,501 service transfers, 177,151 requests for resident records, and 82,320 cancellations of final exit visas.

Up to 10,970 work permits were issued to women who came to the country to work, and 428,078 procedures occurred to give or update passports to children under the age of ten.

The General Department of Traffic Services was able to renew 605,348 car licenses and 383,311 driver’s licenses with the help of the Absher platform. It handled 531,264 cancellations of driving permissions for damaged cars or abandoned ones, 490,868 vehicle repair licenses, 467,135 driving permission requests, and 531,264 cancellations of driving permissions.

The platform also handled 98,144 requests for new license plates, 28,663 public queries about the validity of vehicle insurance, and 85,787 vehicle sales services.

During that time, the platform handled 996,029 requests for mail delivery, 40,814 questions about public fingerprint enrollment, and 40,898 reports sent through the Query Absher Reports Service.

Absher Business Platform, meanwhile, processed 19,649 air rifle clearances, 475 digital identification checks, and 222 rock-cutting licenses. Also, the platform issued 51,721 car maintenance permits for facilities and 25,131 visitor driving permits.

Sixteen new services were recently added to the Absher platform. These include services for motorcycles, driving license issuance, weapon ownership transfer, and accident objection/waiver. In addition, the portal introduced new services like the issue of family IDs, criminal record checks, replacements for lost or damaged national IDs, and roadworks permits.

During the most recent Eid Al-Adha, the platform handled more than 600,000 e-operations. These included both services from the Absher Individuals and Absher Business platforms.

The Absher platform is the Ministry of Interior’s contribution to the digital transformation of the Kingdom. It is a collection of the many digital services offered by the different parts of the ministry.

The platform uses cutting-edge technology and innovations to give each client a unique experience, improve the quality of services, keep customers happy, and offer all services online.


The Saudi Ministry’s Absher platform enabled over 12 million e-services in the first half of 2023, demonstrating its crucial role in boosting digital accessibility and convenience for citizens.

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