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Obvious Technologies: Going Beyond the Obvious

Last Updated on December 28, 2023 by Nandini Shukhla

INTERSEC 2023, held at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), is an international exhibition that
showcases the latest technologies in security, emergency services, safety, policing and
cybersecurity. INTERSEC is a platform for creators, customers, and designers working in the
field of safety and security to build their networks and seek out better opportunities. By opening
the market for security, emergency services, and cybersecurity companies, INTERSEC enables
the much-needed exchange of ideas and innovation to improve the public’s services.

Big Name at a Big Event

INTERSEC is one way for customers to familiarise themselves with security technology they are
likely to see in the near future. Through live demonstrations and customer interactions, creators
can immediately obtain feedback on everything they have showcased. “INTERSEC is the
biggest event of the year in Dubai for the security industry. [We get] to meet all our partners, our
customers, and present the functionalities we’ve developed for them,” stated Naoufal el Ouali,
CEO and Co-Founder at Obvious Technologies. At the prestigious event this year, Obvious
Technologies attracted significant attention with what they brought to the table.

Ooh Da Da!

The company’s latest OODA Intelligent Control room operator view is the showstopper. With its
new and compact version, OODA on a Tablet for Mobile Command Center, users can enjoy the
benefit of getting all their equipment, resources, alarms, and data on hand while being close to
the event or incident to manage in real time. With both live and simulated models to showcase
the technology, the security experts from Obvious Technologies enabled the audience to
understand the OODA comprehensive software suite better. The suite is equipped to deal with
various situations and scenarios requiring integration, visualisation, automation, communication,
and command, offering professionals immersive and intuitive tools helping them save time in
their missions


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