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Officials In Saudi Arabia Have Launched SMARTATHON, An Artificial Intelligence Regulator, Intending To Create 200 Smart Cities

Officials In Saudi Arabia Have Launched SMARTATHON

Officials In Saudi Arabia Have Launched SMARTATHON

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The government of Saudi Arabia is eager to implement cutting-edge technology to enhance urban life in the country. Saudi Arabia is committed to eradicating the digital gap, guaranteeing equality and anti-discrimination, fostering digital development, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, using AI to tackle climate change, and cooperating with other countries to follow suit. KSA has created SMARTATHON to make this vision a reality. Using AI technology to support smart city solutions can have many benefits, including improved water systems, power management, environmental services, and reduced traffic congestion, noise pollution, and air pollution.

A collaborative effort between SDAIA and the Royal Commission for Riyadh City will enable the construction of many smart cities around the Kingdom. For its mega project of constructing 200 smart cities, Saudi Arabia has created a challenge called SMARTATHON. As part of this challenge, AI will be used to develop more advanced, secure, and healthy urban environments.

2030: Towards A Fully Electric Future

The Saudi Electricity Company is the largest of the regional power companies. With more than 450 power-producing units and over 800,000 kilometers of transmission lines, SEC provides more than half of the electricity in the Kingdom. A surge in energy consumption is predicted in 2030 due to the emergence of electric vehicles. Thus, the company is focused on using AI for big data analytics. Artificial intelligence can discriminate between individuals who want to leave their cars plugged in overnight and those who will be using them. If the car is connected to the smart grid, it will be ready for the next trip.

A More Intelligent Urban Environment With The Power Of AI

With the help of a newly launched challenge, SMARTATHON, KSA hopes to increase the use of artificial intelligence in smart city development. This challenge is compatible with Vision 2030’s goal of facilitating the development of over 200 smart cities. It is meant to inspire innovative approaches to improving the Kingdom’s urban landscapes via AI. It would also serve as a platform for encouraging AI-based learning and developing talents based on big data.

Automated Factories Are On The Horizon

In addition to deploying AI in constructing entire towns, Saudi Arabia is also moving toward automating four thousand industries to reduce the country’s dependence on labor with fewer skills. The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources initiated the Future Factories Program to establish a robust technological system to revolutionize the manufacturing sector.

Using AI For The Benefit Of Society As A Whole

KSA intends to use AI technology to improve humanity, society, and the international community. ITU and SDAIA have collaborated to develop a Global AI Readiness Frameworks series for critical societal and economic sectors. These frameworks will aid countries in adopting best practices for AI usage, which is crucial for nations to reach AI’s full potential. By facilitating a wide range of tools and activities, the AI Readiness Framework will help states investigate their AI best practices and levels of readiness. It will also help pinpoint any gaps in their capabilities.

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