June 24, 2024

Online Learning Platforms In UAE


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Online learning platforms have made acquiring new skills and knowledge more accessible to people all over the world. These learning platforms offer an easier means for people to learn a variety of skills from the comfort of their homes or generally indoors. There are several online learning platforms in UAE that provide excellent learning environments for interested participants. Below, we explore some of the best online learning platforms in UAE.

Best Online Learning Platforms In UAE


Coursera has gained popularity over the past decade as a leading online learning platform, providing a vast selection of online courses. Coursera offers a range of courses, which are categorized into two types: degree courses and certificate courses. Its courses cover everything from arts to computer science. In addition, it offers official certificates that are widely recognized by employers. Coursera courses are free and paid. Each course can be purchased separately, or you can register for a yearly subscription to Coursera Plus, which grants you access to all courses.


Udemy is another popular platform for online learning. There are almost 150,000 courses available on the online learning platform in 65 different languages. They constantly add new courses to their extensive offering. Basically, it’s an all-encompassing platform that combines teaching and learning. In addition, the platform is incredibly user-friendly. The platform offers paid courses. 

LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning is another popular online learning platform. LinkedIn Learning is a course marketplace created to help professionals improve and accelerate their skills. It adopts a strategic approach to learning by breaking down technical subjects into smaller, bitesize components, which aids easier assimilation. On this platform, learners get access to video courses made by industry experts in business, software, and creative skills. LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. The platform also has a great feature that allows learners to add new certifications to their LinkedIn profile easily. It offers both free and paid courses. 


Skillshare is another example of a great online learning platform. This platform provides educational videos to interested participants. However, it is important to note that the courses on this platform are non-accredited, and you can only get access to their courses through a paid subscription. The selection of courses mostly cover creative work. Nonetheless, it also has a smaller amount of courses on business and entrepreneurship.

Plinth Academy

Plinth Academy is one of the top online tutoring services in the UAE. They provide skilled and individualized tutoring services throughout the Middle East. Their tutors have years of expertise and an extensive understanding of different learning styles. This platform is dedicated to providing the best possible education.


The UAE offers a wide range of online learning platforms, each with its own distinct features and capabilities. No matter your role, there is an online learning platform that will meet your specific needs. 

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