June 24, 2024

Opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s Ict Sector in 2024

ICT Sector

ICT Sector

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The Information Communication and Technology (ICT) sector is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative sectors in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian ICT market is currently valued at $40.9 billion. The Saudi Arabian government also has plans to maximize the potential of the ICT sector and provide more ICT-related jobs. Under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the country plans to develop its digital capabilities, invest in technologies like 5G, and support a sizeable start-up ecosystem.

The government also intends to increase the size of the ICT sector by 50 percent and create 25,000 ICT jobs. These ambitious plans indicate that Saudi Arabia’s ICT sector will likely become more lucrative in the coming years. Given these circumstances, more opportunities will undoubtedly emerge for job seekers in the ICT sector.

Lucrative Opportunities in the Saudi Arabian ICT Sector in 2024

1. Software Development:

Software development is currently one of the most lucrative ICT jobs in the world. The job description of a software developer is pretty straightforward. You will be tasked with designing, researching, implementing, and managing software programs. Most companies also require software developers to integrate software components, troubleshoot existing software, and conduct system testing or validation.

2. Programming:

Put simply, programmers write code. They often work closely with software developers to develop code that powers mobile applications and computer programs. They also debug existing programs and create updates for them. If you intend to start a career in programming, there are specific skills you must have. For example, you must be proficient in programming languages like SQL, Java, or C++. You also need to have excellent problem-solving skills.

3. Cyber Security:

Cyber security is another highly lucrative career opportunity in the ICT sector. The main function of cyber security specialists is to defend the network or software system from security vulnerabilities. They promptly identify risks and make moves to eliminate them before the system is compromised. To start a career in cyber security, you must have a solid knowledge of hardware and software firewall structures. This will help you maintain the system’s firewalls and protect the network’s security.

4. Systems Analysis:

Systems analysis involves the application of IT methods and techniques to solve business issues. Systems analysts develop and analyze an organization’s IT systems. They also conduct testing and design software solutions. Necessary skills for programming include analytical skills and a strong knowledge of software, hardware, and programming.

5. Hardware Engineering:

Hardware engineers deal with the tangible components of a system. They research, design, develop, and test components of the computer system. Such components can be circuit boards, routers or processors. Vital skills for hardware engineering include critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills.


There are numerous opportunities to tap into within the ICT sector 2024. However, you must be well prepared to get these opportunities. Thus, upskilling is vital if you intend to break into any of the ICT jobs highlighted.


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