July 22, 2024

Pioneering the Metaverse’s Evolution in Saudi Arabia Riyadh’s MetaGate Summit 2024

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As a pioneer in the development of digital landscapes worldwide, Saudi Arabia will hold the first-ever “MetaGate – International Metaverse Summit.” This event, which will take place on September 10–12, 2024, highlights the Kingdom’s aim to adopt cutting-edge technology and promote digital transformation in line with Vision 2030. Below, we highlight key aspects of the upcoming event. 

MetaGate Summit: Bridging Borders with Metaverse Innovation, Collaboration, and Sustainability

Empowering Global Collaboration

By bringing together a range of participants, such as worldwide technology experts, digital world builders, entrepreneurs, investors, and institutional leaders, the MetaGate Summit seeks to empower global collaboration. Through partnerships with regional government agencies, academic institutions, and business leaders, the Summit intends to promote the efficient application of advanced metaverse technology. The ultimate objective is to establish a long-lasting framework for cooperation that will draw foreign investment to the Kingdom.

Comprehensive Showcase

A dedicated exhibition will be part of the Summit. This will provide a thorough demonstration of the newest interactive experiences and metaverse technology. Attendees can anticipate learning about upcoming innovations, services, technology, and industry breakthroughs. The goal of the show is to promote collaborations, exclusive deals, and contacts with professionals.

Fostering An Insightful Conference

MetaGate Summit aims to carry out a high-level conference discussing opportunities and advances connected to the real value of the metaverse. The industrial economy and everyday company operations will be examined with an emphasis on key focal areas. These include digital twinning, blockchain, and AI as game-changers that lead to more efficient procedures.

Startups’ Spotlight

A startup competition will offer a special opportunity to up-and-coming developers and innovators as part of the Riyadh’s MetaGate Summit. Prominent regional and international specialists will assess proposals. They will also provide chances to get regional and international capital and enhance the added worth of these businesses.

MetaGate’s Use Of Sustainable Virtual Presence

In keeping with its commitment to sustainability, MetaGate will be held on an engaging platform within the metaverse. This will serve as a virtual conference in addition to the Summit and set the standard for event planning in this dynamically interconnected universe.

MetaGate’s Role in Redefining Industry Collaborations

The MetaGate Summit works in dynamic partnership with prestigious Association Partners, each of whom adds a distinct perspective to the Summit’s narrative. MetaGate seeks to make use of state-of-the-art advancements and is in line with the “VR/AR Association (VRARA),” an international organization that promotes cooperation in virtual and augmented reality. 

The innovative “Metaverse Fashion Council (MFC)” gives the fashion industry a unique twist by bringing creativity and AI into the mix. In collaboration with the progressive “World Metaverse Council (WMC),” MetaGate highlights its dedication to creating equitable and welcoming integrated worlds. With this customized partnership, MetaGate Summit is guaranteed to be a trailblazing occasion that offers a varied experience at the nexus of technology and integrated world-building.

The Summit combines the expertise and experience of EUMENA Events, a top British event organizer that specializes in planning everything from massive exhibitions to revolutionary summits, and Etisal, a Saudi media solutions and marketing innovations company. This collaboration ensures that they deliver an outstanding event that redefines industry standards.


With Saudi Arabia being one of the strongest marketplaces in the world, this Summit is a significant addition to the metaverse’s future. KSA’s ambition places this Summit as the starting point for realizing these aspirations, with a vision to accomplish one billion interactions with the Expo 2030 experience through the metaverse.

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