May 23, 2024

5 Best Platforms to Land Remote Tech Jobs from Saudi Arabia 2024

5 Best Platforms to Land Remote Tech Jobs from Saudi Arabia

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The job market has significantly progressed from what it was decades ago. Today, anyone can take up a job through their digital devices and from the comfort of their homes. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic also increased the availability of remote job opportunities, especially in the technology sector. Additionally, a 2024 report by Landing Jobs found that remote tech jobs generally pay better than physical tech jobs. This article discusses the five best platforms to get remote jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Five Platforms to Get Remote Jobs in 2024


Upwork is arguably the best platform to land remote jobs. The global platform hosts over 145,00 employers seeking to hire freelancers for various jobs. Upwork also operates in Saudi Arabia, and many Saudi Arabian tech workers have landed well-paying jobs through the platform. To find remote jobs on Upwork, create an account and wait for it to be approved. Afterward, ensure to complete your profile and make it look professional. Luckily, Upwork allows freelancers to add portfolios to their profiles. After completing your profile, start applying for jobs by writing proposals. Most of the jobs posted on Upwork are remote, except stated otherwise. Also, if you land a job, ensure to give your best on the project. This will encourage your client (or employer) to drop positive reviews on your services and help you land other jobs.


Indeed is one of the biggest global job posting platforms. About nine jobs are posted on Indeed every second. To leverage these job opportunities, start by creating an Indeed account and searching through the job postings on the platform. A tip is to ensure that you are qualified for the jobs you apply for. Doing this will increase your chances of landing jobs.


Bayt mainly operates in the Middle East and North African region. It is also one of the best websites for landing remote jobs. To apply for jobs on Bayt, create an account on its official website. Afterward, you can create a CV with the platform’s CV builder. Proceed to search for jobs using the search filters. Bayt allows you to filter your job search according to your salary expectations, location (remote), and industry. This feature will help you narrow your search to the most important jobs.


While LinkedIn is known merely as a platform for creating professional relations, it is also effective for landing remote tech jobs. To do this, visit your LinkedIn profile and create alerts for remote tech jobs. You will get an email when such jobs are posted, and you can proceed to apply.


Mihnati is the fastest-growing job posting site in Saudi Arabia. They also have a mobile app that lets you search for jobs according to your skills and the company you wish to work for.


Every job applicant can take advantage of many job opportunities on the internet. The key is using as many platforms as possible to increase your chances of getting the remote tech job of your choice.

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