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Popular ESG and Clean Technology Champions In The Middle East

Green Tech

Green Tech

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The Middle East has emerged as a hotbed of innovation and progress in the field of green technology. With a growing awareness of environmental challenges and a commitment to sustainable practices, several individuals have stepped into the spotlight as champions of change. These innovators are not only transforming their local communities but also inspiring a global shift towards a greener future.

CleanTech Champions in the Middle East: Driving Sustainable Innovation

Omar Al-Ajaji: Advocating ESG Standards and Energy Transformation

As a former energy engineer turned advocate, Omar Al-Ajaji has been a prominent voice in the Middle East’s journey towards adopting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. Through his influential discussions, Al-Ajaji emphasizes best practices and solutions that enable companies in the region to align their operations with sustainable goals. He also sheds light on the energy crisis in the Middle East and its global impact on green energy transformation. Al-Ajaji’s insights bridge the gap between theory and action, motivating companies to integrate sustainability into their core strategies.

Maha Al-Zu’bi: Pioneering Climate Resilience and Water Recycling

Based in Jordan, researcher Maha Al-Zu’bi is making significant strides in addressing climate-related challenges. Her co-authored report on climate security in the MENA region has highlighted the intricate connections between climate change, conflict, agriculture, and migration. Al-Zu’bi’s leadership in an initiative focused on accelerating resilience to drought and climate challenges across multiple countries showcases her dedication to practical solutions. Her exploration of water recycling techniques exemplifies her commitment to finding safer and sustainable ways to manage this precious resource.

Advocate for energy efficiency and electric vehicles, Ahmed Samir Elbermbali

Ahmed Samir Elbermbali has devoted his professional life to the e-mobility industry, and he uses his platform to raise awareness of important programs and business transactions that are reshaping Middle Eastern green transportation. His observations cover the intersections between energy efficiency and mobility as well as the significance of e-mobility. Elbermbali’s ideas act as a catalyst for promoting innovation in sustainable transportation and motivating people and companies to adopt eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Khamlichi: Young People Leading Climate Change

As the president and co-founder of the Mediterranean Youth Climate Network, Khamlichi exemplifies the ability of young people to spark climate action. This network, which is made up of enthusiastic young people from all around the Mediterranean, deals with the long-term effects of climate change. The ten years Khamlichi spent managing industrial wastewater and the environment in Tangier demonstrate her dedication to realistic environmental solutions. Her commitment to networking and participating in events demonstrates her desire to influence change at the local and regional levels.


In conclusion, the Middle East’s leaders in green technology are pushing for the promotion of sustainable innovation and environmental awareness. These individuals are promoting ESG standards, climate resilience, e-mobility, and grassroots activism, among other things. As a result, their efforts have an impact beyond their own communities. They encourage a greener, more sustainable future for the entire region and the entire world through their combined efforts.

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