April 18, 2024

5 Popular Tech Influencers In The Middle East 2024

_tech influencers

_tech influencers

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In this century, social media influence has gone beyond a mere hobby. With the rise in the use of emerging technologies and more sophisticated updates coming from the multitude of social media apps we have today, it is easier to find tech influencers to follow.

Similarly, the Middle East region is known for innovation and encouraging the development of its technological sector. Its tech industry, expected to grow to about $780 billion by 2023, demonstrates the increasing relevance of MENA’s digital economy globally. Unsurprisingly, tech influencers are emerging from the Middle East with constant investment in the industry and several potential start-ups.

Tech influencers worth following in 2024

From blockchain leaders to tech enthusiasts, here are some of the top tech influencers in the Middle East you should keep on your radar.

  • Nagham Hassan

Nagham Hassan is a content creator who seeks to spread crypto knowledge and adoption through educational content. Her focus areas include Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the general crypto-verse. The Lebanese content creator has a YouTube channel called “Bitcoin,” a platform she launched in 2021. She uses this channel to post everything crypto for educational and entertainment purposes. 

  • Shadi Dawi

He is among the most famous tech journalists in the UAE and the Middle East region. He hosts events, talk shows, and questions/answers bordering on technology and the latest insights into the industry. Shadi Dawi has a unique way of presenting tech news and hosting these shows, garnering him almost a million followers on social media. You can check him out on Instagram @shadi_dawi.

  • Ola Doudin

Ola Doudin is the CEO and co-founder of the first and one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms in the Middle East – BitOasis. She is known as the “Bitcoin pioneer” of the UAE for her ingenious crypto exchange, which was established in 2015. Ola Doudin holds an Electronics and Communication Engineering degree from the University of Birmingham. 

  • Faisal Al-Saif

The Saudi YouTuber is popular on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter. He has one of the most prominent tech presence in the Arab world thanks to his relatable tech content and reviews on tech products. Faisal Al-Saif is also the founder and CEO of TechPills Production, a platform that offers Media consultations, YouTube channel management, and video production centered on tech.

  • Abdallah Rakha

Abdallah Rakha approaches his tech influencer career in a much more holistic manner. His content covers everything tech-related, from photography and gaming gear reviews to mobile and laptop gadget reviews. With over two million subscribers on YouTube and almost 400k followers on Instagram, Abdallah is one tech influencer in the Middle East you should check out today.

These tech influencers can aid your knowledge of the tech industry in the Middle East through their posts that cut across relatable tech content to industry insights.

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