June 24, 2024

Products and Solutions at GITEX 2022

Products and Solutions at GITEX 2022

Products and Solutions at GITEX 2022

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GITEX 2022 will be held next month at the Dubai World Trade Centre. With an estimated audience of over 100,000, the event offers numerous value propositions to attendees. However, company exhibitions often stand out as the primary feature of GITEX. This year, over 4,500 companies will attend the event with the sole aim of showcasing their products and communicating how these products could help solve users’ needs.

While prospective GITEX attendees expect thousands of exhibitions, some companies have announced the specific products they intend to exhibit at the event. This article will discuss the significant product exhibitions expected at GITEX 2022 and how these products can help cater to consumers’ needs.

Product Exhibitions at GITEX 2022

Trellix’s XDR Architecture:

Trellix has announced plans to make a debut exhibition at GITEX 2022. The cybersecurity company is expected to showcase its Living Security XDR solution at the exhibition. The product eliminates the cybersecurity challenges of companies by unifying security frameworks and actively detecting threats or attacks. In the current climate where bad actors are getting craftier with security breaches, Trellix believes its XDR framework will help companies seamlessly navigate cybersecurity risks.

ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot:

US-based network equipment company, Extreme Networks, recently announced that it would showcase some of its products at GITEX 2022. One of the most prominent products Extreme Networks intends to exhibit is the ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot. The product helps users monitor distributed network environments, detect network issues, and enhance network management. The product also helps organisations scale their end-to-end network operations and improve user experience. Extreme Networks will provide GITEX attendees with first-hand experience of the primary features of this product.


International cybersecurity company, Positive Technologies, will showcase its PT ISIM at GITEX 2022. The PT ISIM is an IT solution that helps companies analyse network traffic, identify threats, and extract intruders. It also integrates high-end detection software that helps it identify both known and unknown malware. In addition to the PT ISIM solution, Positive Technologies will showcase other products like the Max Patrol SIEM and the PT Sandbox.

Liferay’s DXP:

Liferay has announced its fifth participation at GITEX 2022. The company will showcase its newly developed Digital Experience Platform (DXP) this year. The DXP helps organisations boost their customer base by enhancing customer experience through automated channels. The product helps create customised web experiences to suit users’ needs and also cuts customer support costs by providing customer self-service options.

Threat Intelligence Feed:

Nozomi Networks will exhibit its new Threat Intelligence Feed at GITEX 2022. The feed actively updates its data and informs users of malicious URLs, malware attacks, and potential security threats. The product also integrates third-party cybersecurity platforms and utilises IoT technology to identify network vulnerabilities.

Apart from companies, government institutions are also expected to showcase their tech-driven initiatives. For instance, the Dubai government has announced that it will showcase more than 100 innovative digital projects.

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