July 22, 2024

Ramco Payce: AI-Driven Payroll Solution Debuts in Saudi Arabia to Address Contemporary Workforce Challenges

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In light of the rising rate of remote work, globally distributed workforces, and changing legal environments, it seems reasonable that effective payroll management is an important priority. Ramco Payce, an innovative payroll software solution created to help businesses overcome obstacles, was introduced against this background. Below, we explore insights on Saudi’s AI-driven payroll solution, Ramco Payce.

Saudi’s AI-Driven Payroll Solution 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has undoubtedly become a significant player in the rapidly evolving global commercial scene, drawing in companies from all corners of the globe. Remote workers and diversified global workforces are on the rise as a result of the Middle East’s substantial economic expansion. Payroll administration has become a primary emphasis area for the many companies that are moving to the area. 

Last month, during launch events in Dubai and Riyadh, Ramco Payce’s AI-driven payroll solution was first revealed in the Middle East. Payce simplifies workforce management by offering user-friendly interfaces for handling personal data, pay slips, timesheets, leave, and expenses.

What Is Ramco Payce? 

Ramco Systems, a global payroll management provider, developed Payce, a comprehensive solution whose primary goal is to streamline payroll administration so that a business can concentrate on more important strategic objectives. Payce supports the onboarding of new employees and legal entities for organizations, whether through organic development or mergers and acquisitions. It achieves this by providing a seamless payroll platform that spans over 150 countries. Ramco maintains servers spread across several areas to guarantee compliance with local data protection regulations.

Payce’s feature list aligns with the more ambitious objectives Ramco has set for itself: Reduce payment errors, ensure regional compliance, and address payroll concerns – all with minimal manual intervention from higher management.


What is the Ramco payroll system?

Ramco is a developer of business software platforms and products that offer mobile and cloud-based multi-tenant payroll, ERP, and M&E MRO solutions for the aviation industry.

What is Ramco Payce?

Ramco Payce has an advanced console to make payroll processes more efficient from start to finish.

What is the full function of payroll?

Payroll systems oversee all aspects related to employee payments and employment tax filing.

What are payroll systems called?

Payroll software and payroll processors are the two different types of payroll systems.  

What are the features of Ramco Payce?

Ramco Payce is a complete set of fully integrated payroll features & processes, offering a smooth and complete approach to payroll.

Who is the product meant for?

Some of the ideal people to use this product include Human Resource Directors, Payroll Managers, and Director of Information Technology.

What does Ramco Payce hope to achieve?

Ramco Payce seeks to help companies streamline their complex payroll processing, which will empower organizations and payroll professionals with improved efficiency.


As Saudi continues to attract global business, Saudi’s AI-driven payroll solution, Payce, will lead transformation in payroll management through this simple but highly effective approach.

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