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Redefining The Gaming Industry With WAM

Redefining The Gaming Industry With WAM

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For hundreds of years, gaming has been around in human history. From physical gaming to digital video gaming, this trend continues to thrive. Play-to-earn games are a growing phenomenon in the gaming domain that combines fun and money. Over the next five years, the gaming industry will reach just under $400 billion showing plenty of potentials for gamers and developers to earn a lot. However, the growing trends and increasing demands are creating stiff competition for developers to make a steady stream of revenue.

WAM is a gaming platform that provides a play-to-earn opportunity without worrying about loading or downloading high-end games with complicated mechanisms. The games on WAM.app require no previous knowledge or long playtime and are skill-based games. Here is how crypto-powered play-to-earn games are redefining the gaming industry.

Play To Earn – The New Transition In The Gaming Industry

P2E gaming is bringing change by enabling people to play their favorite games without paying anything to unlock the premium content. Now you can earn money and enjoy gaming simultaneously. The P2E model is driven by blockchain-based technology that allows gamers to perform various tasks to earn tokens that can be sold for crypto.

As the P2E model is used in the blockchain gaming industry, it ensures transparency by informing players that their in-game earned tokens are safe and can be traded on multiple exchanges.

Benefits Of The Play To Earn Gaming Model

The Play to Earn model is decentralized and fair, as it represents gaming items through NFTs. Players can establish a stream of income. Play to earn is an unbiased system that incentivizes expert gamers. Players know that they are spending their time on something that has market acceptance and value.

Crypto gaming has revealed a potentially untapped market that will transform the future of gaming. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has shaped how we play, earn, socialize, and learn.

Is WAM Revolutionizing The Gaming Future?

WAM is a P2E gaming platform that organizes skill-based tournaments to win crypto tokens in $WAM and NFTs. In 2020, Digitap, the Romanian company, launched WAM, which was played by 3.5 million users across the globe within the first three months.

WAM ecosystem has introduced its next stage, called WAMoon, which is aiming to hit the $90 billion industry. By incorporating realistic sports contests, WAM has revolutionized the gaming future and driven benefits both nationally and internationally.

Features Of WAM Play To Earn

WAM has enabled different features such as develop-to-earn, play-to-earn, own-to-earn, and promote-to-earn. The framework of WAM has spread like a spider’s web, facilitating a wide range of its targeted audience. By leveraging its platform, game developers can generate revenue after publishing their games and users can earn by participating in different tournaments. WAM charges an entry fee to play its tournaments which runs for approximately 1 to 5 days. Similarly, it allows marketers to make money by promoting its tournaments and sending invites to convert users into active members.

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