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Robotics and Automation Engineering in Saudi

Robotics and Automation Engineering

Robotics and Automation Engineering

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In the first place, the pandemic era made it clear that depending on a few nations for production implies that countries experience a lack of supply when supply chains fail. To mitigate this, the Kingdom understood that by shifting production domestically and reshoring, they could be better prepared for such occurrences. As a result of this, the engineering sector is one of the main ones where the nation has made great strides

Saudi Arabia’s Robotics and Automation Engineering Landscape

Saudi Arabia places a high value on engineering, and the government has invested considerable resources in this field. For the Kingdom, one of the most appealing aspects of engineering is robotics and automation engineering. Because of this, the Kingdom is quickly adopting robotics and automation in many fields, such as manufacturing, health care, and logistics. This is clear from the fact that the country has some of the most cutting-edge robotics and automation facilities in the world. Also, since the country has made so much progress in this area, the government has been eager to also support research and development.

A report by Allied Market Research asserts that the global robotics and automation market will grow at a CAGR of 27.7% from 2021 to 2030 and reach $149.9 billion by 2030. Saudi Arabia has made a lot of investments and started many projects in this area, so it is clear that it is still in trend. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 proves this also. Vision 2030 is a strategy for transforming both the economy and society in the Kingdom. The vision includes the growth of new technologies like robotics and automation. The government has invested funds into many projects to help the robotics and automation industries grow. For example, the government has set up the NIDLP- (National Industrial Development and Logistics Program) to improve the country’s manufacturing and logistics industries. The program includes the development of new technologies like robotics and automation.

Automated robotics is expected to help make local manufacturing and reshoring possible in a big way. Since automated robotics are now becoming increasingly prevalent, they can help small businesses, manufacturers, and the farming industry. In Saudi Arabia, automation and robotics are also used in other fields. For example, the country has invested heavily in improving robotics and automation engineering in the healthcare field. The government has been working with companies from around the country and the world to develop robotic technologies that can improve health care.


The Kingdom is making fast progress in technology, especially in robotics and automation. The nation has made significant investments in this area, and the administration is eager to back programs that encourage further development. Saudi is in a good position to lead the world in robotics and automation thanks to its modern infrastructure and a large pool of skilled workers.

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