July 22, 2024

Salik Balance – How To Check Balance 

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The Emirate is renowned for its highly efficient road network, complete with the state-of-the-art electronic toll collection system known as Salik. Knowing how the Salik system works is essential for both residents and tourists in Dubai, as it allows for smooth navigation of the city’s roads while avoiding any unnecessary fines. Here is what you need to know about Salik and how to check Salik balance. 

What Is Salik?

Dubai’s official road toll system is called Salik, which translates to “clear” in Arabic. It was established to mitigate congestion and promote alternate routes. Several toll gates are positioned strategically across the city as part of the Salik toll system. A fee is deducted automatically from your Salik account each time you pass through one of these gates, which goes toward funding road maintenance and development.

How To Check Salik Balance?

There are numerous ways to check Salik Balance, some of which include checking through the Salik App, Website, SMS, or Salik Kiosks. 

Salik App

Begin by downloading the Salik App on your device. Enter your account details to log in. Your balance will be visible on the app’s dashboard right now.

Salik Website

Visit the Salik website. Log in to your account. Your balance will be visible on the account page.


Send your Salik account number and PIN in an SMS to 5959. Your current balance will be sent to you in a reply.


How do I close my Salik account?

You can deactivate the tag online through these three methods:

  • Salik.gov.ae.
  • Smart Salik Application
  • Call Customer service.

What is the purpose of Salik?

Salik’s primary goal is to improve Dubai’s road network’s efficiency and lessen traffic congestion. 

Can I transfer my Salik balance to another account?

The recharged balance in Salik’s accounts is not refundable or transferable. The sum will remain in the account for a maximum of five years before being forfeited.

Can I use my Salik tag in multiple vehicles?

No, a Salik tag belongs only to the car that has it registered. 

Is Salik free after 10 pm?

Tolls are waived for the rest of the day between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.  In the same route, commuters who pass through the toll gates at Al Mamzar North and South Salik within an hour will only be charged once.

How much is Salik?

Whether you buy the Salik from a store or online affects how much it will cost exactly. Buying from an RTA-approved location will cost you AED 100. The Salik tag charge is AED 50, and the balance is applied to your account. 

Who needs a Salik tag?

Anyone driving a vehicle in Dubai, whether it’s a local or foreign vehicle, needs a Salik tag.


Managing your Salik balance ensures smooth travel across Dubai’s toll roads without unexpected fines. For hassle-free driving, you can check and maintain your account by using the Salik app, website, SMS, or kiosks.

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