June 24, 2024

Saudi Arabia Embraces A Wave Of Innovation In Its Tech Sector

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In recent years, Saudi Arabia has drawn an array of investment partners eager to promote startups and entrepreneurs owing to its strategic location, robust economy, and strong government support. Here is what some industry experts have to say about Saudi’s technology landscape. 

Insights On Saudi’s Technology Landscape 

According to Houssem Jemili, a partner at the management consulting firm Bain and Co., the Kingdom has one of the biggest technological expenditures in the Middle East and North Africa. He expressed that KSA’s expenditures are expanding annually, and they are roughly 2.5 times more than those of the next country.

Jemili also revealed that Saudi Arabia has a well-established array of financial partners, encompassing government agencies and initiatives such as Monsha’at, substantial investment funds, and venture capitalists that provide companies and entrepreneurs with both direct and indirect finance.

Economist Talat Zaki Hafiz, who is based in Saudi Arabia, added that the Kingdom’s emergence as a tech powerhouse in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is based on its position as the largest economy in the region—making up more than 30% of its GDP and placing it 16th out of the G20. 

He went on to say that Saudi Arabia’s technology policy consists of ambitious objectives and action plans meant to draw in top foreign businesses that specialize in cutting-edge and emerging technologies to support the Kingdom’s development of significant digital initiatives.

Key Features Of Saudi’s Technology Landscape 

Saudi Arabia’s technical innovation is highlighted by its 48th position out of 132 featured economies on the Global Innovation Index 2023. 

In addition, it also ranked 41st among high-income economies, which confirms its growing reputation as a thriving technology hub in the region. 

Furthermore, the Kingdom’s position as the fifth-ranked economy among the 18 economies in North Africa and West Asia underscores its increasing impact as a leading example of innovation in the Middle East. For instance, the LEAP conference held in Riyadh highlighted Saudi Arabia’s growing significance in technical advancement and the localization of innovation.

Strategic Investments In Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia’s rise to prominence in the digital world can be linked to its strategic allocation of resources towards research and development, favorable policies, and flourishing startup community. 

Through programs like Vision 2030 and the creation of the Digital Government Authority, the Kingdom is preparing for a future driven by advanced technology. 

Saudi Arabia has also launched programs like regulatory sandboxes and fintech hubs in an effort to promote innovation in the regulatory field. 

Saudi’s Startup Ecosystem  

Several businesses have emerged as innovators in Saudi Arabia’s thriving startup industry. Among them are noteworthy firms that are part of the Saudi Unicorns Program, which is an example of the Kingdom’s dedication to developing its own talent and encouraging entrepreneurship.


Saudi Arabia has risen to the top of the Middle Eastern tech landscape because of its deliberate investments and strong focus on technology. 

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