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Saudi Arabia ranks globally for societal awareness of artificial intelligence. Future of AI in Saudi Arabia

Artificial Intelligence (1)

Artificial Intelligence (1)

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According to Stanford University’s 2023 Artificial Intelligence Index Report, Saudi Arabia comes in second place internationally regarding social awareness of artificial intelligence. Policymakers, researchers, and business experts can use the study’s results to understand better the current state of artificial intelligence and potential future developments. Regarding Saudi people’s satisfaction and optimism with artificial intelligence goods and services offered in Saudi Arabia throughout the present and future phases, the Kingdom ranked second, behind China, which took the top spot.

The poll included a variety of criteria, the most significant of which was “society’s knowledge of the benefits and value of artificial intelligence products and services.” In a global ranking of “the positive impact of artificial intelligence products and services on the lives of respondents in the survey during the next 3-5 years,” Saudi Arabia emerged in first position, tied with China and ahead of South Korea and America.

Before South Korea and Brazil, Saudi Arabia ranked second globally when asked: “whether artificial intelligence products and services will make the respondents’ lives easier.”

When respondents were questioned “about their knowledge of the benefits and value of artificial intelligence products and services,” it came in second place globally, behind only India, France, and Russia.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: Future of AI

Undoubtedly, Saudi Arabia is leading MENA countries in fostering the ideal climate for businesses and innovators to succeed in artificial intelligence. The Kingdom has been launching new public-private partnerships (PPPs) quickly in favour of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a multibillion-dollar goal for social, economic, and budgetary change.

PPPs are a crucial way for the Kingdom, in particular, to speed up important projects that align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The Saudi government also appears interested in employing PPPs to privatise specific sectors, like artificial intelligence. The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence was established in 2019 to position Saudi Arabia as a global leader in data-driven economies. The body’s mission is to support and advance the data and AI agenda within the Kingdom.

Additionally, the authority unveiled the National Strategy for Data and AI in 2020 to make Saudi Arabia the nation “where the best of data and AI is made reality.” The fact that most of the Kingdom’s advanced AI work is outsourced, however, underscores the disconnect between these goals and the domestic labour force’s capacity to support them.

The Kingdom has also developed several AI research institutions and innovation hubs and formed strategic alliances with foreign technological behemoths to strengthen its AI skills and quicken its digital transition. Such actions have made Saudi Arabia a leader in the AI community’s awareness and acceptance and have significantly shaped Saudi residents’ favourable perceptions of AI.

In conclusion, the AI Index research highlights the rising significance of AI in the world. It underlines Saudi Arabia’s dedication to developing an informed, technologically advanced society. The Kingdom’s high public confidence in these technologies foresees a bright future for its residents and the AI industry as AI continues transforming several facets of daily life.

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