July 22, 2024

Saudi Arabia’s Top Cloud Computing Companies in 2024

Cloud Computing Companies In Saudi Arabia

Cloud Computing Companies In Saudi Arabia

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The cloud services market in Saudi Arabia is growing rapidly, and this shows the country’s dedication to technology and digital progress. According to Mordor Intelligence, the market size for cloud computing in the Kingdom is currently worth USD 2,969.40 million and will rise to USD 7,580.16 million by 2028. The top cloud computing companies in Saudi Arabia are leading this expansion, bringing innovation and transforming the business landscape. This article looks at the top cloud computing companies in Saudi Arabia that are driving innovation and supporting the country’s economic diversification objectives.

Top Cloud Computing Companies In Saudi Arabia 2024

Northstar Solutions

Northstar Solutions is a company that provides IT services, consulting, and business solutions to global businesses. They aim to deliver real results and provide top-notch services. Northstar Solutions provides a range of IT and IT-enabled services through a business delivery model which stresses strong relationships and values. Their approach centers on consulting and integration, striving for excellent results in every area of their work.


DesertClouds.com emerged to meet a demand in the market for a Managed Cloud Service provider that offers a one-stop shop for customers. The company focuses on the customer’s business and takes full responsibility for migrating its ICT infrastructure to its Cloud Center, providing reassurance to the customer.


WAJA IT is an IT service provider located in the Kingdom. A group of skilled Saudi engineers manages the company, and they have extensive knowledge of the IT industry. The company has a reputation for its innovative approach to technology. The company provides various IT services, such as data development, software consultations, big data services, and network services.

Clear Vision Co.

Clear Vision has been offering affordable and personalized IT solutions to businesses, organizations, and government agencies in the Middle East since 2003. Clear Vision offers a variety of IT services for businesses, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Mobile Phone Applications (including SMS), Enterprise Search & Collaborative Tools, and Comprehensive Web Development and Maintenance, amongst others.

GulfNet Solutions Company Limited

GulfNet Solutions Company Limited, also called GNS, started in 1997. The headquarters of the company is in Alkhobar. GNS is a company that AZAQ completely owns. The company’s main goals are to build a strong IT system, offer security services, and automate processes for its clients.


These top cloud computing companies in Saudi Arabia in 2024 are important to the country’s efforts to become more technologically advanced and innovative. These companies offer cloud products and services that help businesses improve scalability, security, and operational efficiency

by using cloud technology. The Kingdom is putting a lot of effort into improving technology, and companies like this are ready to take innovation to a whole new level. This will strengthen the Kingdom’s position as a regional technology hub and help achieve its goal of a more diverse economy.

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