June 24, 2024

Saudi Arabia Unveils Biotechnology Strategy Aiming to Elevate Health, Food Security, and GDP

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Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently revealed a new national biotechnology policy on Thursday. This new policy has the localization of vaccine production and the enhancement of Saudi people’s health as its two main objectives. Explore more details below.

Saudi’s Biotechnology Program’s Comprehensive Goals

According to the Saudi Press Agency, Saudi’s Biotechnology program also seeks to provide food and water security, protect the environment, and bolster the Kingdom’s standing as a global leader in the field. 

Localizing vaccine production is one of the main goals of the project in order to boost the Kingdom’s self-sufficiency and guarantee its residents’ timely access to these medications.

In addition, the program aims to create thousands of excellent work opportunities and contribute 3 percent of the biotechnology sector’s GDP to the non-oil GDP by 2040, with a cumulative impact of SR130 billion ($34.66 billion). 

These programs complement the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.  

KSA aims to establish itself as the main biotechnology hub in the MENA region, and the SPA report indicated that localization and biomanufacturing are critical to advancing the agenda. It stressed that the development of cutting-edge biopharma manufacturing capabilities and the establishment of a state-of-the-art local end-to-end biomanufacturing platform are essential first steps.

Vaccines are one of the program’s four strategic goals, with a focus on localizing vaccine production, exporting, and spearheading industry innovation.

It also places a high priority on biomanufacturing with the goal of expanding the use and accessibility of biopharmaceuticals. The approach also emphasizes genomics, cutting-edge studies, and gene therapy. 

Last but not least, improving cultivation for increased self-sufficiency and spearheading innovation in improved seeds constitute a vital component of plant enhancement. 

KSA’s Pioneering Role in Biotechnology Development

As the biggest pharmaceutical and vaccine market in the area, the Kingdom has made strategic investments in biotech-related industries. It is dedicated to fostering the growth of the nation’s R&D and innovation talent while facilitating the creation of a competitive digital infrastructure.

The genetic diversity of the nation and its geographical environment make it the perfect place to carry out complex studies and research.  

Initiatives to Support Private Sector Investment and Public-Private Integration

The plan seeks to strengthen the regional biotech sector by simplifying legal requirements, supplying appropriate infrastructure, and giving funding. It aims to encourage efforts by private sector investors in this industry through its numerous programs and projects. 

This national project was launched with the goal of facilitating integration between the public and private sectors by offering a flexible regulatory framework and cutting-edge infrastructure.


Under the leadership of the Crown Prince, Saudi’s Biotechnology program will help improve GDP, food security, and health. In line with the ambitious Vision 2030 goals, the country wants to emerge as the biotech leader in the MENA region with an emphasis on innovation, localization, and economic growth.

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