April 20, 2024

Saudi Data Authority Collaborates with Google Cloud to Educate 1,000 Women from 28 Countries in Artificial Intelligence

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According to recent reports, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), in partnership with Google Cloud, will continue teaching 1,000 women from 28 different countries about data and AI.

Breaking Barriers: Bridging the Gender Gap in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The training program is a component of the world’s first program of its type, “Elevate,” which will span for five years and expertly train over 25,000 women from diverse countries in cutting-edge technical fields.

The Elevate program’s first phase, which began in early May 2023, runs for over four months, during which learners complete four separate online training levels. In addition, integrated learning approaches, recorded lessons, self-training modules, group-based and synchronous learning, open seminars, virtual courses, and hands-on experiences like advanced labs and specialized projects are all used in the training.

During the first stage of training, a group of seven male and nine female SDAIA trainers who are Saudi youth experts usually oversee the training. The trainers use two different paths to give a thorough 340-hour training experience. This includes one designed for technical experts and another for non-specialists hoping to develop their proficiencies in these technological arenas.

Also, the program provides no-cost training sessions to give participants the knowledge and skills they need in fields including cloud engineering, data engineering, machine learning engineering, and cloud operations.

In the first phase, roughly 300 trainees in the technology field were specialists, compared to 700 students who were not. They are ambassadors for a number of nations, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Mauritania, the United States, Nigeria, Tanzania, Syria, Turkey, Algeria, Kenya, India, Jordan, Brazil, the Gambia, Vietnam, Uganda, Eswatini, Lebanon, Lesotho, Iraq, the United Kingdom, Sudan, Tunisia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Liberia.

Over the next five years, the Elevate Program wants to give more than 25,000 women worldwide a chance to work in a wider range of AI and machine learning jobs, especially in emerging countries.

The course is for both skilled technical workers and people interested in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It gives them the skills they need to get into and excel in these fields. This gives them the tools to take advantage of the growing job opportunities in these fields. Most importantly, it helps close the gender gap in science and moves forward with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which should be met by 2023.


The SDAIA and Google Cloud partnership’s initiative to train 1,000 women from 28 different nations in artificial intelligence is a significant step toward creating a more inclusive and diverse digital industry. This effort sets the pace for revolutionary developments and solutions that have the potential to shape a more technologically empowered and equal future by providing women with the knowledge and skills to flourish in tech.

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