June 24, 2024

Saudi Domain Report 2024: CST Reveals 40% Surge in Registrations

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The Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST) has released the second edition of the Saudi Domain Report 2024. The goal of this report is to draw attention to the Kingdom’s leadership in the sector as well as to make more people aware of the value and features of the Saudi domain, and the roles of licensed registrars. 

How Has Saudi Domain Name Registration Transformation Impacted Growth?

A study revealed that over 17,000 new domains were registered in 2023. With a growth rate of 40%, it exceeds the growth rate of 1922 by three times. The report highlights the evolution of the Saudi domain name registration model, transitioning from direct registration to the licensed registrar model, which is a widely adopted practice in the domain market.

Key Insights On The Saudi Domain Report 

The analysis included a general overview of international domain names and projected that at the end of 2023, a figure of 359 million registered domains worldwide and a 3% rise from 2022, was expected. 

The research also emphasized a market share of licensed Saudi domain name registrars. At 11% annually, this is a growth rate three times higher than the global average.

The report also covers registrar services, some of which include domain transfers between registrars and domain restoration services in the event that the registration period expires without renewal within a month. In 2023, the renewal rate was 84%, higher than the global average.


How Can Government Entities Register Their Domains?

They can do so via the Digital Government Authority by visiting: Click here 

What is Saudi Arabia’s domain name?

.sa is Saudi Arabia’s Latin alphabet Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD).

What are the restrictions for.SA domain?

A domain name with this extension can have a maximum length of 24 characters and a minimum length of 3 characters. Special characters are not supported by the sa extension.

What Does The Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST) Do?

The Commission was set up in order to regulate, monitor, and empower the communications & IT sector. 

What is the role of the Communications and Information Technology Commission?

It is their duty to establish a groundbreaking communications infrastructure while guaranteeing that services are available throughout the Kingdom. 

What Sectors Does The Domain Names Service Target? 

According to reports, the domain names service targets both the public and the private sectors as well as individuals and renews its call to register Saudi domain names through its licensed registrars.

Who is the governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission?

Dr. Mohammed Altamimi is the Governor of the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST).


The Saudi domain report highlights the crucial role that registrars play in the Kingdom’s digital growth, offering insights into the process of registering domain names and the need of keeping up a strong communication infrastructure.

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