April 20, 2024

Saudi Tech Products Showcase At Gitex 2023

GITEX 2023

GITEX 2023

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Leading Saudi IT and communications firms are coming together in Dubai for the most significant industry conference to present their breakthroughs and solutions. 

According to the Saudi Press Agency, as part of the ‘Made in Saudi’ campaigns, participants—including the Saudi Export Development Authority—are exhibiting at GITEX, where more than 8,000 exhibitors will be present from October 16–20. 

The news agency said that SEDA’s participation continues its work to promote domestic goods and services in niche international venues and that these gatherings may help the Kingdom’s exports to lucrative markets. 

One company, however, is poised like many to make a significant impact: envnt. The company’s objective for participating in this prestigious event is clear – to showcase its active engagement in the region by unveiling its latest products and services. envnt’s strategic plan centers around driving digital transformation, fostering continuous expansion, and maintaining a steadfast commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements while catering to its clients’ ever-evolving needs and expectations.

Presenting ENVNT as the Leader in the Region

This strategy solidifies envnt’s position as one of the area’s top and most complete suppliers of digital solutions. The best platform for envnt to showcase its commitment to improving technology in the Middle East is the GITEX Global Expo 2023. This dedication encompasses essential areas such as artificial intelligence, demonstrating envnt’s congruence with noteworthy technical advancements and industry endeavors.

All-inclusive Remedies and Worldwide Development

Envnt is steadfast in its dedication to providing complete and practical solutions that improve people’s quality of life. The corporation has intentions to grow into other regions. It has already established a strong foothold in Europe, so its influence is not limited to the Middle East. These projects aim to strengthen envnt’s standing as a global leader in digital transformation.

Partnership with International Tech Brands

Envnt’s capacity to develop client solutions across important industry sectors largely depends on its partnerships with well-known international technology brands. Some industries include the government, healthcare, business, finance, and education. The company’s extensive knowledge base is focused on conceiving, organizing, and executing experiences that propel technology breakthroughs and digital transformations in various sectors.

A dedication to the 2030 Vision

Envnt’s commitment to implementing the 2030 Vision, which targets to make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia an enticing place to invest abroad, is one of its most noteworthy accomplishments. Envnt has created “One-Stop Shop” solutions that simplify the investment process to achieve this goal. These solutions reduce administrative hassles and give investors a comprehensive and practical experience using envnt’s cutting-edge technologies.

Encouraging Saudi Nationals

Envnt has launched distinctive goods in keeping with its mission to enhance citizen well-being as stated in the 2030 Vision. In service management, one such product is regarded as an advanced solution called enspct. This product makes it possible for government organizations to maximize the use of their resources and improve employee productivity, which eventually helps to improve the well-being of citizens and further the goals of Vision 2030.

CEO’s Outlook

The CEO of envnt, Abel Mahmalji, stresses the importance of keeping up with artificial intelligence’s quick development. He thinks that a variety of digital solutions can improve people’s lives and society at large. Envnt’s goal is to prioritize people and use technology to positively impact their lives to create a better future. 


By taking part in GITEX 2023, envnt is taking a big step toward accomplishing these objectives and securing Saudi Arabia’s position as a leader in technology and innovation on a worldwide scale. Emphasizing digital transformation, community welfare, and forward-thinking leadership, envnt is poised to leave a lasting impression both during and after the expo.

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