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Saudi Vision Cable What Is Means For Future Of Communication

Saudi Vision Cable - What This Means For The Future Of Communication

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The “Saudi Vision Cable” is the Red Sea’s first high-speed cable, with its first landing station in Jeddah. In August of last year, STC made public the arrival of the “Saudi Vision Cable.” The Saudi Vision Cable is 1,160,000 meters long and is wholly owned by STC Group; its name was inspired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. With four (4) landings in Jeddah, Yanbu, Duba, and Haql, the Saudi Vision cable will be the first high-capacity submarine cable in the Red Sea region, allowing for simultaneous connections of up to 18Tbps/fiber pair.

The CEO of STC, Eng. Olayan Bin Mohammed Alwetaid Group stated that this success is a direct result of the company’s efforts to strengthen the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) digital infrastructure in order to facilitate the country’s ongoing digital transformation.

Saudi Vision Cable & The Future Of Communication

By establishing a regional digital hub between the continents, the cable will help meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike through the creation of a unified digital ecosystem that will be accessible from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to the Saudi Vision Cable, multiple international data centers can now communicate with one another. In addition, the STC Group’s landing stations and data centers gain access to low-latency international cables, improving the efficiency and adaptability of the unified optical fiber platform.

Taking advantage of KSA’s prime location, the new cable will be connected to the MENA Hub, a network of submarine cables that spans three continents. This will encourage more funds to be put into international data centers and communication networks. 

Connecting the eastern and western sides of the KSA, this cable will be one of 16 laid by STC. To meet the rising demand for communications and the internet on both the local and global levels, the Saudi Vision cable will provide faster and more reliable internet service. Benefits to the economy and society as a whole will result from the increased availability of high-speed internet services across all sectors of the country, including education, healthcare, and industry.

More About Saudi Vision Cable

The Saudi Vision Cable is a 1,160-kilometer-long subterranean cable that connects Jeddah, Yanbu, Dibba, and Haql, the major subsea hubs in Saudi Red Sea cities. Alcatel Submarine Networks supplies the Saudi Vision Cable, which is privately owned by STC. The Saudi Vision Cable consists of 16 fiber pairs, each of which is capable of 18Tbps. The Saudi Vision Cable is named after the “Saudi 2030 vision” as a game-changer for the region’s subsea cables. 


The Saudi Vision Cable state-of-the-art submarine cable system will enable a unique route with low latency, connecting the major subsea hubs in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea cities. The cable will improve the cost-effectiveness and adaptability of the unified fiber optic platform and provide access to all international cables at STC Group’s landing stations and data centers. 

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