June 24, 2024

Saudia Unveils Innovative Beta Digital Platform

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Saudia, the Kingdom’s premier airline, has released a beta version of its online travel resource, Travel Companion. This platform, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, intends to revolutionize the travel sector. Below, we explore more details on the Travel Companion. 

Saudia’s Travel Companion

The new project, announced at a special event, is part of a two-year strategy developed in collaboration with Accenture, a global leader in professional services.

According to Saudia Group Director General Ibrahim Al-Omar, the platform, which was established in partnership with Accenture, highlighted the company’s dedication to offering visitors exceptional ease and flexibility.

This launch’s principal aim is to revolutionize passengers’ interactions with the airline and set new standards for digital travel.

The original TC provides individualized and customized solutions to match each user’s preferences and needs. It does this by delivering search results from reliable and verified sources and integrating visual aids into its answers.

Al-Omar also expressed that this is only a beta version and that it will still need further development. 

Saudia’s Comprehensive Travel App

The interface is meant to be a complete one-stop shop where customers can make reservations for activities and attractions, hotels, restaurants, transportation, and concierge services, all without having to navigate between different platforms. It also creates easy connections with other train companies and transit platforms, guaranteeing an effortless trip.

Abdulgader Attiah, Chief Data and Technology Officer at Saudia, compared the latest developments to having a VIP concierge service available at all times. He clarified that the service, which is now available to the general public for free, functioned similarly to a private concierge while providing all the advantages of a VVIP service.

He went on to say that Saudia wants to be more than just an airline; it wants to be the centre of the travel industry. It aims to serve as the center of the whole tourism ecosystem through the app, facilitating easy cooperation and communication within the app without requiring outside assistance. Saudia intends to incorporate more features—such as voice command and digital payment options—in later stages.

Abdulgader Attiah added that Saudia will add further services, called concierge services, such as making reservations for hotels, cars, and restaurants once the entire solution is in place. As part of Saudia’s strategy, these services are anticipated to be fully integrated within the next two years.

He added that if they had tried to develop the app five years earlier, it would have taken three to four years. But this time, the app was created in seven or eight months, going from June’s inspiration to actual booking, and it’s now live.

Attiah additionally pointed out that, in addition to conducting conversations, Saudia is the first airline in the world to utilize a GenAI-based chatbot capable of performing end-to-end activities, i.e., carrying out tasks or actions in response to customer requests.

Users don’t need to rely on other internet providers to stay connected because Saudia offers an always-on Travel Companion using a telecom e-SIM card.

In addition, customers can buy data bundles for longer usage, ensuring constant access to the platform’s functions.


Saudi Arabia’s ground-breaking Travel Companion platform redefines digital travel by providing smooth, all-inclusive services that meet the varied demands of contemporary tourists. 

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