May 22, 2024

Tech: Saudi’s ROSHN Enhances Its App Through Collaboration With Boxo

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Through its most recent partnership with Boxo, the Singapore-based digital company ROSHN Group-the PIF-owned giga-project and Saudi Arabia’s most reputable developer–has announced a significant expansion in the capabilities of ROSHN’s Superapp. At a signing ceremony held at ROSHN Headquarters, both companies outlined a framework for collaborating to improve three key competencies based on Boxo’s proprietary platforms.

ROSHN’s Superapp

With the aim to enhance resident and visitor experiences across all of the Group’s communities and properties, ROSHN is commissioning three projects that will enable mobility-as-a-service, an e-commerce marketplace, and facility appointment management to be fully integrated within ROSHN’s application. The Boxo Miniapp Platform will expand co-creation opportunities within the ROSHN App framework and may enable any qualified application developer to publish their own apps within ROSHN’s App. The Boxo White-Label Marketplace Module will offer inventory management services and enterprise e-commerce capabilities.

What is Boxo?

Boxo, originally Appboxo, is a tech startup based in Singapore that uses pre-made, white-label miniapps to make it easy to integrate value-added services into apps that already exist. Boxo’s goal is to facilitate the global adoption of SuperApps by helping current apps in providing their customers with a range of services beyond their main purpose. 

What is A SuperApp?

A SuperApp is an application that offers end users a variety of functionalities within its own ecosystem, combining features that were previously only found in complete platforms.

The agreement between ROSHN and Boxo highlights the Group’s ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the curve in deploying cutting-edge technology. It also exemplifies its strategic use of partnerships to set the bar for the Saudi real estate market by choosing partners of the finest quality. In addition, ROSHN Group is laying the groundwork for improved living standards and more robust economic development in its destinations by improving convenience for both residents and vendors.

About ROSHN Group    

As the most reputable real estate developer in Saudi Arabia, ROSHN Group is a massive undertaking owned by the (PIF) Public Investment Fund of the Kingdom. The multi-asset portfolio of integrated developments by ROSHN presents a new lifestyle option for Saudi Arabia, complete with cycling lanes, sports hubs, and green areas, all within walking distance of one another. With a current land bank of over 200 million sqm, ROSHN Group is expanding at an unparalleled scale throughout Saudi Arabia, driven by technology, innovation, and sustainability. Over 400,000 dwellings, 1,000 kindergartens and schools, and over 700 mosques will be built by ROSHN by 2030.


ROSHN’s agreement with Boxo demonstrates the Group’s strategic use of partnerships to raise the bar for the Saudi real estate sector by selecting world-class collaborators and emphasizes its continuous push to stay ahead of the curve in implementing ROSHN’s superapp. ROSHN’s superapp will provide exceptional functionalities to its users.

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