April 20, 2024

7 Interesting Capital Funds In Saudi Arabia

_Capital funds

_Capital funds

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The Middle East’s largest economy, Saudi Arabia, is experiencing a spike in investment prospects. In the Kingdom, capital funds are significantly influencing the financial environment. This post will introduce you to seven fascinating Saudi Arabian capital funds, each of which positively impacts the development and diversification of the Saudi economy.

Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF):

The Saudi PIF is the foundation of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious ambition to lessen its reliance on oil earnings, Vision 2030. PIF happens to be one of the largest sovereign wealth funds globally, with assets exceeding $400 billion.

PIF’s main goal is to encourage investments across various industries, such as infrastructure, entertainment, and technology, to hasten economic growth and diversification.

STV: Saudi Technology Ventures

STV is a venture capital firm primarily focusing on technology businesses in Saudi Arabia and the larger Middle East. It is dedicated to supporting and growing creative businesses. STV wants to make Saudi Arabia a center for technological innovation by assisting regional tech entrepreneurs.

Riyad Capital:

Riyad Capital is one of Saudi Arabia’s top asset management and investment companies. It offers a wide range of financial goods and services, including wealth management and mutual funds.

Mission: Riyad Capital’s goal is to provide clients with cutting-edge investment options while assisting in developing Saudi Arabia’s financial markets.

Accion Venture Lab:

Accion Venture Lab is a global fund that supports financial inclusion and is centered on fintech. It makes investments in Saudi Arabian start-ups that aim to increase public access to financial services.

The fund’s goal is to assist businesspeople who are trying to solve the Kingdom’s problems with financial inclusion.

Wa’ed-based Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center:

Wa’ed, the entrepreneurship center of Saudi Aramco promotes the development of new and small firms in order to promote economic growth.

Wa’ed’s mission is to stimulate innovation and job development by providing resources, mentorship, and funding to aspiring entrepreneurs.

TaqNIA, a Saudi company for technology development and investment

TAQNIA is a government-owned company with a focus on funding innovation and technology across a range of industries. TAQNIA actively encourages technology transfer, commercialization, and economic diversification in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Venture Capital (SVC) Company

SVC, a government-backed venture capital firm, specializes in making early-stage investments in Saudi entrepreneurs.

Mission: SVC is committed to fostering new ventures and innovative ideas, helping to expand the Saudi entrepreneurial environment.


These seven capital funds in Saudi Arabia cover a wide range of investment areas, including fintech and technology development, sovereign wealth management, and venture capital. Together, they are promoting economic diversification, encouraging innovation, and elevating Saudi Arabia to a major player on the global stage in business and finance. These funds offer a plethora of chances within the thriving financial environment of the Kingdom, whether you’re an investor looking for opportunities or an entrepreneur with a game-changing idea.

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