June 24, 2024

Smart Cities and IoT in the Middle East

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Over the years, the Middle East has been a major player in the development of smart cities. It is important to point out that we cannot talk about smart cities without the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT remains the center of smart city innovation.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that connects commonplace objects to the Internet and allows them to gather and share data. IoT technology includes the incorporation of sensors and communication capabilities into diverse products and infrastructure under the framework of Smart Cities. The main goal of incorporating IoT into smart cities is to create an integrated ecosystem where municipal operations are improved for sustainability, security, and efficiency.

The IoT Middle East Market

The IoT industry in Africa and the Middle East is expected to rise from $43.99 billion in 2023 to an astounding $241.65 billion by 2030. This is increase of 449% and a Compound Annual increase Rate (CAGR) of 27.6%.

According to a recent study, Saudi Arabia is the region’s leading IoT enabler. Other key players in the Middle East IoT market are the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and Egypt. By 2028, the combined GDP of these nations is projected to reach about 30%.

Key Smart Cities Project in the Middle East

Masdar City

With a strong focus on IoT integration, Masdar City, an urban project in Abu Dhabi, is a carefully designed community that aims to be among the world’s most sustainable. Reducing dependency on conventional automobiles is one of Masdar City’s main goals. In order to do this, the city has implemented Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), an automated transportation system. This cutting-edge system, which demonstrates the city’s dedication to cutting-edge and sustainable urban transportation solutions, consists of autonomous electric cars running on a network of specially constructed tracks.

The Line

The $500 billion “The Line” smart city concept is, without a doubt, Saudi Arabia’s most notable Internet of Things project. This 170-kilometer smart city in the Saudi desert, Neom, Tabuk Province, can completely change the concept of what a smart city may be.

The plans for the smart city, which prioritize transportation and infrastructure, show that it is committed to running entirely on renewable energy, housing up to 9 million people.

“The Line” is among the most ecological cities ever imagined since it takes a approach to urban design and replaces conventional roads and automobiles with a high-speed rail network.

This smart city project seeks to provide an ideal and pleasant living environment in the harsh desert climate by using the capabilities of IoT sensors. These sensors are part of the city’s infrastructure and constantly monitor things like humidity and temperature. 


Neom is a massive development project powered by cutting-edge IoT technology and renewable energy. This smart city project incorporates  IoT into transportation, infrastructure, health care, and environmental monitoring. Neom is committed to developing an urban environment that is both technologically sophisticated and ecologically conscientious. The project aims to deploy IoT devices for environmental monitoring applications, including air quality sensors, temperature monitoring systems, and ecological footprint supervision for the city. 

Final Words

The Middle East’s rapid adoption of IoT technology is actively transforming places into smart cities. This change improves the standard of living for locals and urban development. The Middle East has successfully shown how IoT can be efficiently used to create more efficient, sustainable, and livable cities.

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