June 24, 2024

stc Group and Microsoft Join Forces to Unleash the Power of Innovation in Corporate Digital Transformation:

Saudi's Digital Transformation

Saudi’s Digital Transformation

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The stc Group, a company that supports the process of digital transformation, has recently made public its plans to enhance its existing partnership with Microsoft. This collaboration aims to promote the adoption of digital technologies and encourage innovative practices within Saudi Arabia. 

According to industry sources, the two companies will work together to create and implement advanced solutions that will revolutionize and support organizations in different industries. Additionally, this collaboration aims to facilitate the growth and success of small businesses in the digital economy.

Saudi’s Digital Transformation: stc Group and Microsoft’s Vision

The CEO of stc Group, Olayan Alwetaid, stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and stc Group had achieved a major turning point in their digital transformation histories with their strategic partnership with Microsoft. 

He noted that the goal of this partnership goes beyond technology in order to establish KSA as a leader in global innovation and to create new benchmarks for the digital era. Together with Microsoft, Alwetaid announced their commitment to bringing cutting-edge technology to KSA. This will enable digital transformation for companies of all kinds, promote economic diversification, and build a more dynamic and prosperous future for the nation.

Microsoft’s Ralph Haupter, President of EMEA, expressed their enthusiasm about starting the next stage of their partnership with STC. Haupter further expressed that their goal is to provide specialized digital solutions to companies of all sizes and in all industries so they can innovate and solve their problems, leading to fair company expansion.

The goal of this partnership between the two companies is to provide STC subsidiaries with the means to investigate untapped markets, create creative business plans, and launch cutting-edge goods and services. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, the collaboration seeks to support secure digital experiences for businesses in the Kingdom.

According to industry insiders, this partnership will also act as a center of innovation, encouraging Saudi’s digital transformation of industries both within and outside of the Kingdom. Through the combination of Microsoft’s developer community and local and regional channels with stc Group, the partnership will establish a positive feedback loop whereby new core services are introduced to facilitate partner-led innovation, which in turn creates demand.

More About stc Group

stc Group is a leading force behind the region’s digital transformation, providing cutting-edge solutions and spearheading the digitization process. Digital payments, digital media, digital entertainment, cloud computing, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and digital infrastructure are just a few of the many services offered by the company. Throughout KSA, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, the group has more than 14 subsidiaries.


The collaboration between Microsoft and the stc Group is a significant turning point in Saudi’s digital transformation process. Their combined dedication to promoting innovation, developing technology, and helping small businesses is expected to stimulate economic diversification and build a more vibrant and prosperous future for the country. By bridging the knowledge gap between local and global sources, this partnership has the potential to promote innovation, revolutionize the sector, and sustain growth and demand.

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