April 20, 2024

Tech career opportunities and salary expectations in DeFi for Saudi Arabia 2022

Tech career opportunities and salary expectations in DeFi for Saudi Arabia 2022

Tech career opportunities and salary expectations in DeFi for Saudi Arabia 2022

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The tech field is evolving, and a tech career seems like the next big thing with the great salaries, flexible work options and cool souvenirs. Acquiring a tech skill in this present time cannot be overemphasized as DeFi and other industries strongly require their services. Tech is important for every aspect of DeFi from writing the code to designing websites, preventing hacks and analyzing data.

Beyond this, tech plays a major role in health care, businesses, productivity, and several other aspects. If you are looking for knowledge about tech career opportunities in Saudi Arabia, this article is for you. We bring insight into the world of opportunities available in Saudi tech and its salary expectations. Saudi tech and DeFI industry is also typically in high demand for local talent.

Tech Career Opportunities in demand in Saudi Arabia and their salary expectations

If you are considering a career in tech in Saudi Arabia, consider the following:

1. Software Engineer.

Software developers are involved in all forms of computer programs. They have strong analytical skills and use them to create new and updated software. Glassdoor reports an average salary of SAR 10,196 per month as base pay.

2. Graphic Designer.

A graphic designer has the responsibility of assembling images and motion graphics to create a design. They make use of computer software to communicate ideas that inspire people. The average graphic designer’s salary in Saudi Arabia is 84,000 SAR per year or 33.65 SAR per hour. However, the salary for entry-level positions begins at 60,000 SAR per year.

3. User Experience Designer.

UX designers ensure that users can interact with a website. They ensure that the user experience with a website is intact and easy to navigate. The average pay for a UX Designer is SAR 188,819 a year and SAR 91 an hour in Saudi Arabia. The average salary range falls between SAR 132,173 and SAR 229,604.

4. Data Analyst.

A data analyst collects, cleans, and interprets in a way that answers a question or solves a problem. This tech career is in high demand in decentralized finance due to the complexity of data processed on the blockchain. An average Data Analyst in Saudi gets per year is SAR 190,888.

5. Cyber Security Specialists.

Cyber security is a specialist in information technology security and is very crucial to prevent Defi Hacks. The role of a cyber security specialist is to provide security during software development. The average pay for a Cyber Security Specialist is SAR 230,921 a year and SAR 111 an hour in Saudi Arabia. The average salary range for a Cyber Security Specialist is between SAR 159,797 and SAR 281,492.

Other tech career opportunities include User Experience Designers, Social Media Specialists, Digital Marketing Specialists, Data Analysts, Software Developers, Information Technology Managers, and eCommerce Managers.


With higher adoption of DeFi in Saudi Arabia, you may need to start upskilling so you can also secure a Saudi tech job, particularly with its high salary expectations.

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