June 24, 2024

Tech Collaborations Sparked by Saudi Women at G20 Young Entrepreneurs Meeting:

G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit (1)

G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit (1)

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The recently concluded G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit contributed to the establishment of new partnerships between Saudi Arabia and other G20 nations. Notably, Saudi women investors who work in technology and innovation were active participants in these partnerships.

This year, during India’s chair of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit, the summit lasted three days and took place in New Delhi. In addition, a large number of people were present at the summit. Its main goal was to promote the idea that young businesses can help improve the economy and inspire social change.

Under the leadership of Prince Fahad bin Mansour, the Saudi group had about 40 executives from both the public and private sectors. Nearly one-third of the group members were women actively involved in high-tech startup businesses focused on engineering and scientific advances.

From Riyadh to Global Tech Stage: Saudi Women Entrepreneurs Pioneer International Alliances at G20 Summit

Meshael Al-Assaf, who was part of the delegation and is the head of human capital development at the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program, said that in Saudi Arabia, everyone has equal opportunities. She said that having a good idea is valuable, no matter what gender you are because the country has many programs to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses within the country.

Dr. Huda Al-Fardus, the CEO of HealthGena, a “digital health innovation service provider” based in Riyadh, saw her attendance at the G20 summit as a great chance to learn about an entrepreneurial environment in a different country and make international connections.

One of those who went with the Saudi team was Jeddah-based businessman and international business expert Tuba Terekli, who wanted to look into potential domestic solutions. She admitted that her initial expectations focused on running into bright, young entrepreneurs, particularly those who had an interest in complex, high-tech problems. Terekli claimed that the experience was better than she thought. She was in awe of the exhibition hall’s wealth of positivity and outstanding intellect, where a variety of impressive startups—from satellites and drones to undersea and healthcare robots—left an impact.

Terekli did not find it odd that several ladies were in the Saudi delegation. She noted that Saudi Vision 2030, a groundbreaking program unveiled by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2016, has as its primary goal the growth of female leadership and business. Terekli stated that the delegation’s inclusion of a sizable number of women wasn’t done to serve as a demonstration to anyone but rather as a natural and inevitable progression.


The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit was a vital turning point where Saudi women’s expertise as investors in the fields of technology and innovation took center stage. This event not only recognized their successes but also sparked a spirit of cooperation that could change the public’s perception of technology around the world. As these visionary businesses continue to break down barriers and reach new horizons, their work’s effects will likely spread through industries, economies, and societies worldwide.

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