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Tech: How Saudi Can Leverage Digital Transformation In Its Oil And Gas Industry

Tech_ How Saudi Can Leverage Digital Transformation In Its Oil And Gas Industry

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Digital transformation is essential to the future of the oil and gas industry. Various sectors are embracing technology to reshape their operating landscapes and reap the benefits of enhanced productivity, greater efficiency, and greater cost savings. Saudi’s oil and gas industry is no stranger to this and is on its way to digital maturity. IDC research shows that digital innovations in the oil and gas sector in the Middle Eastern region have sped up dramatically, with 31% of CIOs reporting a one-year acceleration and 23% reporting a two-year or more acceleration. Certainly, technology adoption is helping industries transform their business environments.

Saudi And Digital Transformation In Its Oil And Gas Industry 

In the face of rising price and demand volatility, the Saudi Oil and Gas industry is under intense pressure to update its operational models and seek greater efficiencies and resilience. If industries want to stay competitive and grow, they must cut costs and carbon emissions while increasing the dependability and availability of their assets. The government of the Kingdom sees digitization as a critical means to achieve these ends.

Another area where Saudi can leverage digital transformation is how it can greatly assist the oil and gas industry through data and analytics. The ability to quickly and accurately calculate metrics in real-time improves productivity in the workplace and requires less work from employees. When digital transformation is coupled with disruptive technologies like cloud computing, machine learning, and AI, the oil and gas industry can explore uncharted territory.

Risk-based inspections and reliability-focused maintenance are areas where digital innovations can benefit the oil and gas industry. It will make things easier for workers by allowing them to remotely control and monitor operations. They won’t need to be physically at a location to complete the tasks. There will be less need for labor-intensive manual tasks and more room for automation and efficiency gains due to digital transformation. 

Many advancements can be made with the help of real-time analytics and alerts. Data-driven solutions will be indispensable in an IoT-powered future. The Internet of Things is touted as a way to cut costs across the board while improving tools and services. Thus, the sector can accomplish several important objectives with the help of technology news.


The oil and gas sector is a deciding factor for the global market. With Saudi Aramco, the largest oil producer, being the world’s largest (most valuable) company by market cap, no doubt the industry is a force that can make or break countries. Its oil and gas sector can be unstoppable if the full potential of digital transformation is realized. From predicting crises to ascending to the top of the industry, the future has arrived. The time has come for a boost in innovation through digital transformation in the oil and gas sector.

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