July 22, 2024

Saudi’s New Digital Id – Here Is How It Works

Tech_ Saudi's New Digital Id - Here Is How It Works

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By fostering long-term economic growth, driving innovation, and upholding core values, Saudi Arabia hopes to achieve the world’s leading level of digital transformation. Recent creative efforts by the Kingdom are aiding in realising their vision and bettering the lives of their citizens. The Kingdom recently announced that family members of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia now have access to a new digital identification document service, thanks to the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat). 

How Saudi’s New Digital ID Works

You can access the new feature of Saudi’s news Digital ID via the Absher system, which the Ministry of the Interior maintains. Jawazat tweeted on Monday that you can display your family’s digital resident identity using the digital document service available through the Absher platform. Directorate employees emphasized that digital photos of expatriate family members could be used as a means of identification anywhere in the country.

Indian expatriate Mohammed Serajudduin, who lives and works in Riyadh, has welcomed the new service. He expressed that the new service will certainly make things easy now that there is no need to carry a physical ID card. There will be no need to stress about missing out because doing so will be as simple as tapping a button on your smartphone. Users will be able to verify their relatives’ identities digitally with the new service, doing away with the need for traditional forms of identification

Recently, as part of the 8th Absher Forum 2022, Jawazat introduced a number of new electronic services for citizens and foreign workers that will allow them to conduct various administrative tasks without having to visit a Jawazat location physically. 

During the forum, the Saudi Ministry of Public Security also unveiled a new way to report stolen cars online. Through the e-service, citizens and locals can now report stolen cars without having to go to a police station. Once a user is signed in to the Absher platform, they can report a stolen vehicle by going to the vehicles tab, selecting the service, and then selecting the stolen vehicle. Also, Saudi Arabia announced the next step of its e-passport program last month. Residents who are at least 21 years old can now apply for a passport online. Passport renewals via Absher are now available to a broader pool of applicants.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation mission is taking form in several recent initiatives. Saudi’s new Digital ID eliminates the need for its owner to carry paper identification at all times; instead, they need only have the Saudi’s new digital ID on their device to present to security personnel at any time and place in the Kingdom. The “Absher” app also provides Saudi nationals and foreign residents access to various government services, including the issuance of new passports and the renewal of existing ones.

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