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Technology Developments That Originated From the Middle East Region

Technology Developments That Originated From the Middle East Region

Technology Developments That Originated From the Middle East Region

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Technological development is any invention or product innovation that enables new goods to be produced. One of the most significant aspects that form the growth of the KSA is its continuous technological growth. Today, Saudi Arabia is one of the most nurturing hubs for innovations. It has the largest technology market in the region, with a market volume of about $40 billion.

However, this trajectory did not begin today. Instead, the nation has contributed to some technological developments the world cannot live without today. Over centuries, from one innovation to another, Saudi Arabia has established itself as a leader in the tech space.

Technology developments from Saudi Arabia

A few technological advancements find their origins in the Middle East region. Some of them include

  • Algorithms: The concept of algorithms in mathematics was developed by Mohammed Musa al-Khwarizmi, who is also considered the father of computers. Algorithms are a set of rules that allow computers to run effectively. We are in the digital age, and computers are one of the most essential tools necessary for development. In essence, without algorithms, there might be no computers.
  • Automated machines: Automated machines can be attributed to the genius of the three Banu Musa brothers. Their book The Book of Ingenious Devices, contains about a hundred mechanical devices and describes how to use them. The book compiles innovations from early civilisations and some of the brothers’ original creations. Among others, devices attributed to their ingenuity include combination locks, mechanical clocks, gear for transferring water, and so on. The brothers are viewed as the ones that invented the world’s the first automated machine when they created a mechanical flute player.
  • The first flying machine: Long before the Wright brothers attempted to fly the first plane, an Arabian inventor, Abbas Ibn Firnas invented the first flying contraption. It is believed that he demonstrated the use of his flying machine. He also designed a clear transparent lens that could be used to correct vision problems and a water-powered clock to measure time accurately.


Although there is no one particular technological development that originated from Saudi Arabia, the innovations listed above laid the foundation for many technologies we have and are enjoying today. Furthermore, the kingdom, though not a pioneer of technological developments, is setting itself as a hub for the growth of technology across the globe.

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