June 24, 2024

TONOMUS, NEOM’s Tech Firm, Pioneers the Inaugural Digital Communications Hub in Oxagon

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Telecommunications (1)

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The cognitive technology division of NEOM, TONOMUS, announced the opening of its first digital communications facility. The TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications Center includes a high-capacity, highly efficient data center and associated infrastructure to improve the availability, resilience, and growth of 5G, satellite, and fiber cable network connectivity. This will make it easier to offer private cloud services that are safe and private in the NEOM region. In addition, on-site offices and facilities at the Center will facilitate daily operations and work with partners in the telecommunications industry.

The Center represents an important improvement to NEOM’s existing ICT infrastructure and will provide some of the world’s fastest and most reliable network connections. It will be located in Oxagon, home to advanced and clean industries in NEOM. It will give the whole NEOM area the consistent bandwidth it needs to share information securely and make swift choices about building projects. This will help many people and companies stay connected safely and without interruptions, lowering operating costs.

The Center’s advanced, scalable capabilities will enable NEOM’s networks to keep up with future demands, support next-generation, automated technologies and enterprise, and deliver predictive, cognitive services throughout the region. The Center is a key part of the larger NEOM’s digital infrastructure plan.

CEO of NEOM Nadhmi Al-Nasr stated that the opening of the TONOMUS Center was a major turning point for the company. He added that the Center would help them make a smart, forward-thinking region with a strong emphasis on livability. He pointed out that the services and facilities were well thought out so that people could have more time to enjoy their lives fully. He also said that the Center would make the world ICT industry more competitive and help businesses and people who want to live in NEOM.

The Center will power a software-based network and a reliable private cloud expected to serve up to 60 locations, 1,800 buildings, 300,000 construction workers required at NEOM by 2025, and 200 million IoT devices by 2030. It will also interface with major existing and future national and international digital networks and services to provide end users with a seamless experience.

The facility’s completion is an important part of TONOMUS’ plan to become a major ICT and digital services provider. It shows that the company can provide advanced, secure digital infrastructure in partnership with top global technology vendors and industry partners.

Insights into TONOMUS

The plant’s site is 18,000m2, and a two-story office building hosting 150 personnel. It will also be where telecommunications solution providers and technology partners can collaborate regularly. This will encourage new ideas and help improve NEOM’s digital network.

Its strategic location in Oxagon, which will be part of the reimagined industrial city’s larger innovative ecosystem, will allow the Center to provide secure, resilient, and highly capable networks.


TONOMUS has established its first digital communications center in Oxagon. With its advanced features and strategic position, it is poised to play an essential part in strengthening digital infrastructure and connectivity inside NEOM. This will help stimulate innovation and establish itself as a notable ICT services provider.

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