April 20, 2024

5 Top Electric Cars In UAE 

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According  to  Albert  II,  Prince  of  Monaco, ‘ Electric  cars  are  the  future.’  For a futuristic country, the United Arab Emirates has converted to electric cars to promote sustainability for users and the government.  There have been significant innovations and a wide variety of electric cars, but you’d need a little help to navigate the market correctly.  This article discusses the best electric cars in the UAE.


1. Tesla Model S 

Being the oldest electric car in  UAE, the Tesla  Model  S  rules them all.  It has a mind-blowing interior that is very spacious and  premium. Have you ever wondered what zooming fast means?  It is the actual definition of speed.  The dual-motor all-wheel drive factory can accelerate from nothing to 100  km/h  in a matter of mere seconds. Little wonder it made the list as one of the top electric cars for sale. Other unique features include a  17-inch  touchscreen,  a  glass roof, and a  trunk.  It can also perform autopilot duties like handling steering,  braking, and changing lanes for you. What’s there not to love?  Its sleek design makes you agree this is not just a car but elegance on wheels. 

2.  BMW IX 

This electric car is a  game changer. It is super light but powerful, thanks to the vitality of the BMW IX. In 3.6 seconds, it can cover 0 to 60 mph. It is also designed to be customized based on your taste. Moreover, it has 610 horsepower and is specially geared to suit the taste of those who encourage sustainability and speed.

3. Porsche Taycan 

Porsche Taycan has proven itself to be an efficient car over time. It possesses a range of 484 km on a single charge. It is also luxurious and dynamic with a powerful battery, reformed pulse inverter, and optimized software. The Porsche Taycan is an all-wheel drive system with a fashionable exterior to suit different tastes. Such exteriors include new polished aluminum doors with sill protectors, sleek headlights, and lights.

4. Nissan Leaf 

The Nissan Leaf is a battery-powered compact car. There is nothing like accelerating without a drop of oil consumed. That is what this car ensures as a completely electric car. It has an instant torque and eco mode. Additionally, it also has an e-pedal – one of its kind. When you press down on this pedal, it gives an instant rush of acceleration and readily slows down when you ease off the pedal. Nissan Leaf is also known for its spaciousness, which is not unique to many electric cars.

5.Chevrolet Bolt EV 

If you are staying in the UAE and searching for a budget-friendly electric car, the Chevrolet Bolt EV has you covered. It is a strong option for long commutes and family trips. It simplifies your driving with its one-pedal driving. Interestingly, it puts you in control by letting you make navigation on its 10.2-inch diagonal color touchscreen.


With these fantastic features, finding great electric car sales is much easier. The benefits of going for all-electric cars have been examined. However, it is also important to note that these cars have shortcomings, so it is essential to do some extra research to figure out what suits you best.

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