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Top Opportunities for Women in the Saudi Arabia Tech Industry

Women in Saudi Arabia Tech Industry

Women in Saudi Arabia Tech Industry

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If any country is particular about leading the pace of development and setting itself out as one dedicated to continuous growth, then it is Saudi Arabia. Recently, the government has successfully attempted to bridge the gap between genders and promote equality via increased participation of females in the workforce. The tech industry is no exception. The Saudi Arabian government has seen the recruitment and provision of opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia’s tech industry. Below are some options for women in Saudi Arabia’s tech industry.

What are the Five Top Opportunities for Women in the Saudi Arabia Tech Industry

  1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing area of the technology industry. Given Saudi Arabia’s vision to raise the flag of modern technology, these skills are necessary and crucial to protection from cyber terrorism and attacks. Women are rapidly entering this sector by educating themselves with a foundational degree in computer science. Several courses, workshops, and fellowships teach essential cybersecurity skills. A different experience is that Saudi Arabia frequently organizes meetings and tech conferences where these women can network and build human capacity.

  1. Digital Marketing

What is a digitalized world without digital marketing? Several aspects of business organizations require digital marketing to run effectively, and this area is perfect for women in the industry. Several Saudi Arabian companies offer females internships or entry-level experience to promote equality and knowledge among women. There are also several workshops to educate on practical digital marketing skills in Saudi Arabia.

  1. UI/ UX Design

UI/UX design is a budding area of Saudi Arabia’s tech industry. It has been determined to be a soft area where women without any background in tech can easily fit in after requisite training. This area requires the creation of user interface design to encourage the ease and traffic of interactions on a country or products. Women can seek professional mentorship and draw from their experience and advice to understand females’ unique challenges in the field and how best to tackle those challenges.

  1. Data Analysis

Data analytics has become an important area in technology, given the new and rapid use of sustainable technology that uses result base analysis to make decisions. Women with backgrounds or skills in data analytics will fit nicely into this sector as Saudi Arabia offers several employment opportunities, especially within its new smart city, NEOM.

  1. Technical Writing

Women in Saudi Arabia’s tech industry will have a successful careers in technical writing. Technical writing is one of the essential parts of the tech industry and will ensure their writing skills are utilized maximally. Several professionals offer training opportunities in the field and are reading to provide the knowledge needed to begin a career in technical writing.


As impossible as it may sound, these fields are some of the opportunities for women in tech where they have thrived and are setting the pace for others. However, females should remain confident in their abilities to overcome all future obstacles and have a fulfilling careers in these fields.

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