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Top Technology Exports of Saudi Arabia

Top Technology Exports of Saudi Arabia

Top Technology Exports of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is one of the leading worldwide producers and exporters of fossil fuels. Surprisingly, the country also derives significant revenue from the technology export, with such income tagged at over $217 million in 2020. These products were mainly related to pharmaceuticals, scientific instruments, electrical machinery, computers, and aerospace. In the section below, this article analyses five top technology exports of Saudi Arabia.

What are the Five Top Technology Products Exported by Saudi Arabia

  1. Vehicles and Automobiles

Saudi Arabia is arguably the 36th largest exporter of transportation globally. The country recorded an export revenue of $4.8 billion from the exportation of transportation in 2020. Transportation, in this sense, includes the exportation of motor vehicle parts and accessories, air space machinery – helicopters, spacecraft, planes, and their associated components. Saudi Arabia exports to the UAE, Sudan, and Bahrain.

  1. Electrical Appliances

Saudi Arabia has established a foothold in the exportation of electrical appliances, mostly household in nature. The country exports most of these appliances to the United States, Pakistan, and Kenya. It is also a renowned exporter to more than 90 countries globally. The potential revenue from the exportation of household electrical appliances could be as much as $458 million by the end of this year, indicating an annual growth rate of over 26%.

  1. Broadcasting Equipment

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is readily topping its export market with the exportation of broadcasting equipment. The country’s exports in broadcasting equipment came to $179 million in 2020, tagging it as the 46th largest exporter of broadcasting equipment in the world and the 61st most exported product from the country. These products included television, sound recorders, telephone, transmit-receiver apparatus for radio, and good producers. The government frequently shipped to the UAE, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Bahrain.

  1. Energy Technology

Saudi Arabia is undisputedly the world’s largest exporter of fossil fuel. Despite this, the country is also actively exporting alternative energy technology, such as solar panels. Companies like Desert Technologies have taken to the exportation of solar cells through various programs that allow the supply of the cells. Saudi Arabia has continued to support the exportation of green energy products by setting up multiple development funds and offering private loans. The country is currently in agreement to supply panels to Greece and Germany.

  1. Cloud Services

Although not strictly a tangible commodity that can be physically exported, cloud technology in Saudi Arabia has travelled across the country’s territory to be used by consumers worldwide. The exportation of these services via transborder availability has been made possible by the Saudi Arabian government’s increased efforts to see the sector’s development. The government has also made requisite partnerships to ensure that the services would be used within the country and increasingly used by others outside its territory.


For a country that is the largest exporter of fossil fuel globally, Saudi Arabia’s efforts to see to the exportation of other commodities, particularly technological-related, must be commended. While the country also exports agricultural products and other mineral derivatives, the above are a few technological products shipped by Saudi Arabia.

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