July 22, 2024

Transreport Expands into UAE to Enhance Accessible Travel for Disabled People

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Dubai, UAE, 03 June 2024— Travel in the UAE is expected to become more inclusive with the launch of Transreport, a global leader in accessible travel technology. The expansion will significantly impact the local travel industry, highlighting the substantial global spending power of disabled people and their families, which amounts to £274 billion in the UK and $8 trillion worldwide. There are 1.3 billion disabled people globally, and a 2023 WHO study revealed that 11% of the UAE population has a disability, underlining the urgent need for accessible travel solutions.

Expansion and Future Plans

Founded in 2016, Transreport has established a strong presence in Great Britain and Japan. The company’s expansion into the Middle East, starting with the UAE, is a pivotal step in its global growth strategy. Supported by a recent £10 million Series A funding round led by Puma Private Equity and Pembroke VCT, this move aims to transform the travel landscape, making it more inclusive and accessible.

The UAE, a central international travel hub, is a key market for Transreport. Government initiatives, such as the UAE’s Tourism Strategy 2031, align with Transreport’s mission to enhance travel experiences. Transreport aims to improve accessibility for disabled and older passengers by introducing its pioneering Passenger Assistance technology to UAE airports, contributing to the UAE’s vision of becoming a global leader in inclusive travel.

By widening the reach of its technology across the Middle East, Transreport is targeting key markets such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This regional growth underscores the company’s commitment to providing seamless and accessible travel experiences for all passengers.

Making Travel Accessible

Transreport is committed to the Social Model of Disability, focusing on dismantling societal barriers to accessibility. The company’s Passenger Assistance technology suite includes:

  • Accessible End-User App and Website: Designed to simplify the travel process for disabled people, ensuring ease of use and comprehensive support.
  • Comprehensive Web Management Platform: Empowers travel operators to manage assistance services and support passengers efficiently.
  • Intuitive App for the Travel Industry: Facilitates seamless assistance booking and travel management, enhancing users’ overall travel experience.

These innovations streamline travel processes, minimise stress, offer reassurance, and provide comfort, ensuring a dignified and safe travel experience for disabled people.

Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships

Transreport’s technology has been recognised for its innovative design, including a nomination for the prestigious Apple Design Awards in the Inclusive Design category. The company’s initiative to make transportation more accessible and seamless aligns with the UAE’s 2025 strategy for Digital Transformation, reflecting the country’s commitment to becoming a technologically advanced nation. Transreport’s expansion into the UAE underscores its dedication to innovation and accessibility.

“Our long-term vision is to provide multi-modal end-to-end travel assistance technology for older and disabled people. We aim to ensure that our technology is reliable and robust, delivering tangible results,” said Waleed Ahmed, COO of Transreport. “Inspired by the Social Model of Disability, we leverage technology to make travel experiences more inclusive and seamless. Our Passenger Assistance technology simplifies the booking process, enabling travel hubs to provide effective support. Our goal is to provide a unified, accessible travel experience for all.”

Transreport’s UAE expansion demonstrates their continued leadership in innovative travel solutions, and marks a significant stride towards accessible travel experiences for disabled and older people on an international scale.

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