June 24, 2024

United Arab Emirates is in a Tripartite Relationship With France and India on Climate and Energy

Cooperation among countries

Cooperation among countries

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In a never-seen move, the governments of the United Arab Emirates, France, and India have entered into a tri-lateral cooperative agreement. This agreement is to effect a change in sectors such as energy and climate. It would require the effective execution of all commitments by the respective governments.

What are the Details of the Tripartite Agreement

The respective governments of Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishanakar, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for India, have entered a tripartite relationship on behalf of their governments. This relationship ensures the accomplishment of energy, climate change, and biodiversity projects. Tagged as the ‘Roadmap,’ the three countries hope to take advantage of the momentum brought by the UAE’s hosting of COP28 and India chairing G20.
As part of its efforts, the three countries will be jointly organizing several conferences and events to promote the cooperation goal. Some of these previously existing conferences are said to remain active, such as the Bengaluru Tech Summit in India, the GITEX conference in Dubai, and the Vivatech conference in Paris, France. Other initiatives regarding climates include the Indo-Pacific Parks Partnership between India and France and the Mangrove Alliance for environment spear-headed by the UAE.

Much more, the agreement is to bridge the borders of the three countries and further strengthen the international relations between them. In a general statement issued by them, the UAE, India, and France promised that the agreement has resulted in an initiative that is crucial to ensure significant development of strategies for projects related to energy and climate change sustainability.

What are the Likely Benefits of the Agreement

At the heart of their agreement, the countries’ actions are to boost socio-cultural cooperation through far-reaching projects, having cognizance of the importance of social bonds in constructive partnership.
Perhaps a glaring benefit of the cooperation is the innovations, projects, knowledge sharing and transfer, and significant academic coverage that necessarily follows such agreements. Each country promised to embark on projects and creations which can promote technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

The health sector is also not left out as the UAE, India, and France all recognize the ‘One Health’ project by the World Health Organization to see an optimal balance between the relationship with people, plants, animals, and their inanimate environment. The said States are taking essential steps to support the movement domestically and internationally to ensure that developing countries participate significantly in biomedical innovation and production, promoting joint development, and joining the war against new and former infectious diseases and other emerging threats.


Indeed, it is a time to be alive. The coalition between three different countries from different continents not only improves the chance of achieving the goals they set for themselves but also proves that cooperation among States is possible and is needed to promote destinations and revitalize Earth.

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