June 24, 2024

Venom Foundation Announces Strategic Partnership with DGC

Venom Foundation Announces Strategic Partnership with DGC

Venom Foundation Announces Strategic Partnership with DGC

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Abu Dhabi , 7 October 2022 – Venom Foundation and DGC, the new global leader in cybersecurity with established presence in Europe, the US and Abu Dhabi, have signed a partnership agreement focussing on providing operational support to the newly established foundation.

The partnership will allow Venom Foundation to benefit from the set of unique and advanced solutions and services stemming from DGC’s technical edge and expertise in CyberSecurity’s services in particular in ensuring the security of this new Blockchain and its shoring form hardware attacks.

“In the context of increasing concerns around cyber threats central to the blockchain world and leery of the importance of finding the relevant and tested solutions since inception and at the early stages of deployment, Venom Foundation could not have found a better match in this field other than DGC with its worldwide mission to provide advanced and complex solutions to its customers as effectively and as early as possible. This collaboration between Venom and DGC will ensure that the unique technologies provided by Venom Foundation will have long wind, durability and success,” says Mustafa Kheriba, Founding Member of the Venom Foundation.

Venom Foundation Partners With DGC, The Global Leader in Cybersecurity

“As specialist in the cybersecurity of industrial systems, particularly in the internet of things (IOT) and web 3 world, we are keen to contribute our secret recipe to  ensure security of transactions for the end-users of this new blockchain,” says Dino Huber, CEO of DGC Global.

DGC will be the partner of choice for Venom in ensuring that transactions on the Venom Blockchain are safe and trustworthy for its end-users and will collaborate with the team at the Venom Foundations in providing services and solutions in security monitoring of the various systems through its various Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and in responding to incidents as quickly and as efficiently as possible. It will also contribute to security auditing services and penetration and intrusion testing, notably through its simulation and testing platform for these systems.

Venom Foundation, which is a new foundation established in ADGM with a unique regulatory license to operate from ADGM – Abu Dhabi and develop the blockchain infrastructure, as well as support the development of a myriad of services on the blockchain, including Venom Bridge, Venom Pools, Web3.World and many newly developed processes and services will benefit from the cybersecurity services and continuous monitoring provided by DGC.

In recent years, the growing demand for such security services has become a central ingredient for the success of any new blockchain. Venom Foundation has announced yesterday its ambitious offering of new products that will be useful for public and private users in the region. Going with DGC is synonymous of the commitment of the members behind Venom Foundation to develop a safe and reliable blockchain and ancillary security solutions tailored by DGC to protect the users of this new network.

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