May 23, 2024

Women Empowerment in Tech: Amazon Web Services Launches Initiatives

Middle Eastern women technology

Middle Eastern women technology

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Over the years, women have failed to dominate key industries like the tech industry. Though there has been improvement, women in the Middle East are still underrepresented in the rapidly expanding technology sector. 

Still, there are still some Middle Eastern women who are key leaders and decision-makers. These women are making major contributions to their communities. In addition, they are actively helping other women launch their careers in the business.

Additionally, these Middle Eastern women have partnered with key tech companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) to encourage more women to enter the male-dominated industry.

Amazon Web Services in Women Empowerment in Tech

The AWS Women’s Demo Week is a program scheduled to take place from November 6 to 10, 2023. The program aims to establish a significant platform for startups led by women by connecting them with potential investors in 18 cities worldwide.

Throughout this event, women entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their startups to live audiences consisting of potential investors, partners, customers, and influential figures within the startup ecosystem.

AWS’s objective is to address the expanding funding gap confronting women-led startups, particularly in light of the substantial decrease in venture funding due to stricter capital markets.

Kathryn Van Nuys, Global Head of Specialized Startup Segments at AWS, underscored the importance of showcasing the resilience and innovation of these women founders. According to her, the AWS Women’s Demo Week seeks to demonstrate that women-led startups not only deserve investment but are also formidable contenders in the business world. 

Also, AWS recently introduced two pioneering initiatives this week to advance gender diversity within the technology sector. These programs were unveiled at the “TheNewSySTEM: Reshaping the Tech Landscape” event in Dubai.

The first initiative, named “Qudwatech,” is a 12-week mentorship program designed to nurture women in technology at all stages of their careers. With AWS mentors, the program offers opportunities for professional development, serving as a source of challenge and inspiration for women entering the field or seeking to enhance their skills.

AWS also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dubai Business Women Council. This program lasts for one year and targets mid to senior-level women. Participants will enjoy comprehensive training, mentorship, and upskilling within the workplace.

Tanuja Randery, AWS Vice President for EMEA, emphasized that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signifies a significant step in advancing gender diversity. She pointed out that these programs allow them to introduce targeted initiatives that empower women at various stages of their technology careers.

The launch event attracted prominent individuals such as Safaa Khanfar from Emirates Group IT and Amna Al Redha from X Lab, underscoring the significance of these initiatives.

Through initiatives like “Culture of Innovation” training sessions, the programs seek to inspire more women to actively participate in developing the UAE’s technology sector. AWS’s commitment reflects its dedication to promoting gender diversity and equal opportunities on a global scale.


In a period when women’s representation in the technology industry is still limited, it is heartening to see Amazon Web Services (AWS) taking proactive steps to address this issue by offering platforms aimed at facilitating the development and enhancement of skills among female talent.

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