June 24, 2024

Zain KSA Broadens 5G Network Coverage, Reaching 64 Cities

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Zain KSA stated that it would be expanding its 5G services to ten more locations, which include Al-Aflaj, Al-Lith, Al Qunfudhah, Al Badayea, Samtah, Shaqra, Al Khobar, Duba, Al Bukayriyah, and Rabigh. This comes after the company launched the first 5G network with zero emissions globally. These cities currently have access to 5G digital services at high speeds.

5G Network in KSA: Zain’s Role in Shaping the Future of Technology in Saudi Arabia

The network’s development demonstrates Zain KSA’s dedication to providing the newest digital services available throughout the Kingdom, guaranteeing the greatest user experience, and boosting Saudi Arabia’s digital competitiveness. In addition, it helps Zain KSA achieve its strategic objective of speeding up the country’s digital transformation and raising living standards in more areas by offering fast digital services that open up new opportunities for service innovation and integration.

Eng. Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Najidi, Executive General Manager of Zain KSA Engineering, stated that in addition to growing its network and offerings, Zain KSA is committed to enhancing the availability of state-of-the-art digital services for all citizens and companies operating in the Kingdom. In line with Saudi Vision 2030’s goals, the objective is to offer an extremely dependable connection that solves the digital divide, promotes the digital transformation of Saudi Arabia, and improves the general quality of life. As part of their comprehensive ESG strategy, Zain KSA has been stepping up cooperation in green technology as part of their commitment to using technology for sustainable development.

Zain KSA and Red Sea Global will work together to launch the world’s first 5G network with zero emissions as part of this effort at the Six Senses Desert Dunes resort in the Red Sea. The network will be run by solar energy produced by over 750,000 solar panels, which will be connected to specially-made towers with cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Three primary goals will be accomplished by the project: reducing visual distortion, reducing emissions using sustainable energy, and protecting the environment. According to Zain KSA, the project would help the ICT sector become more locally based, lowering its carbon footprint by more than 278 million tons yearly by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2060.

In addition, the expansion of the 5G network in KSA will complement Zain’s growing portfolio of bespoke 5G apps and pioneering solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing services, and other emerging technologies. 


Together with the ground-breaking project to build the world’s first zero-emission 5G network at the Six Senses Desert Dunes resort, Zain’s deliberate rollout of its 5G network in KSA to ten more cities highlights the company’s steadfast dedication to technological innovation and sustainable development. Zain KSA is a global leader in environmentally responsible telecommunications and plays a significant role in Saudi Arabia’s digital revolution by offering state-of-the-art digital services and emphasizing environmental responsibility. 

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